The Worst Idea Ever Conceived by Blizzard PT2

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01/18/2013 10:27 AMPosted by Lyralei
I have no idea what I am talking about and haven't read anything but I'm going to try to appear as an outline and summarize my uneducated point of view on the matter

What are you doing wazikoski?

pls explain

what? i did not wrote that

What are you doing wazikoski?

pls explain

what? i did not wrote that

yes you did
01/18/2013 10:29 AMPosted by Paladinchaz
"Why would they even make you have to earn something? Everyone should get the gear they want! This isn't a mmo! where you have too work for something to get it! Why bother getting the players who dedicate their time into the game anything at all? You know, the players who progress further shouldn't get any awards. They haven't done anything worth better gear!"

You still have to earn it by grinding conquest, not stuck behind some artificial 'rating' barrier, thats easily manipulated.

Yeah just get rid of the grinding all together. Just make it 1 copper. Whats the difference? When skill means nothing
No i didnt it says posted by Lyralei check again plz

- The rationale of most of the people in favor of this change. Do you deserve the same GPA as a student who works more diligently than you in university simply because you pay the same amount in tuition as the latter student? Of course not, that is an idiotic assertion.

Even in the realm of WoW, do LFR raiders deserve the same gear as heroic raiders simply because they pay the same subscription fee?

Actually that's a horrible analogy.

Working more diligently is comparable to spending more time to earn gear on WoW. Achieving 2200 rating isn't necessarily based on effort, or time spent. Earning x number of Conquest points is based on time spent. While some people can put in endless hours to achieve a rating of 2200, others are just talented at gaming, and won't even really earn it.

Also, just something to consider, someone who achieves a rating of 2200 is already significantly better at PvP than the average player, do they really need an additional advantage of advanced gear that less skilled players can't acquire? This just creates even more unnecessary imbalance between skilled PvPers and unskilled PvPers.

Don't remove the only carrot-on-a-stick for many casual PvPers.

Lolol. There weren't any rating requirements for gear when arena was introduced (except for weapons). I remember forcing myself to do arena, because I still held out hope that the horrendous changes to PvP (no more titles, cross-realm) would be undone, and that it would still be useful to have PvP gear at that time. When rating requirements were introduced, I realized that there really is no reason to have that gear, and I quit torturing myself by doing arena.

01/18/2013 09:43 AMPosted by Psyops
Even in the realm of WoW, do LFR raiders deserve the same gear as heroic raiders simply because they pay the same subscription fee?

The gear differences in raiding are a bit different. Upgrading gear gets you into "harder" dungeons. Whereas in arena, the myth has always been that it's about skill; if everyone has access to the same gear, then that myth would be closer to reality (it wouldn't be reality because arena would remain a rock-paper-scissors game).

As it stands, arena players who have the top gear from the previous season get high ratings early in a new season, which allows them to get the best gear before anyone else can get it, which prevents other players from getting higher ratings, therefore blocking them from getting better gear... and so on. It's a vicious circle. Bravo, Blizzard, for finally undoing a bad decision. Too bad arena still won't be fun.
The F^&*ING truth is that 100% of people whining about the 5.2 gear changes are divided in 3 groups as fallows:

1) 90%__ people that bought their T2 and they are like WTF i had to pay with real $ and now people are going to get it for free? no way! /cry

2) 2%__people that actually reach 2.2k: Damn i barely made it now with everyone having the same gear I'm screw noooo (In this case most are getting help by the 3rd and last grp)

3) 8%__ people selling the rating for real $ and they are like !@#$ this means i might have to get a real job!!! what!!!

but in general they all are a bunch of DRAMA QUEENS.

This is the issue.

Pvpers want elite gear to carry the same meaning as challenge mode gear.

I don't care if you're casual, hardcore, skilled or not, that is the issue.

Tier 2 weapons created an advantage that promoted exploiting. They're fixing that.

Tier 2 armor was just for cosmetic/vanity reasons. They are also changing that.

The armor is the issue for many pvpers. They just want it to carry the same feeling as challenge mode gear, which most don't have a problem with.
You still need 27,000 CP to acquire Elite gear which most will never get anyways before the following season starts anyways.
01/18/2013 09:43 AMPosted by Psyops
The discussion was not concluded.

Yeah, it is. Blizzard doesn't discuss things.

They tell you how it's going to be and then they might rethink it later.

But they never discuss it beforehand.
i have no interest in pvp this expansion. i get more than enough wpvp just going about my business. that said, reading through the stated goals and planned solutions i found them to be completely logical and the solutions to be well designed.

i'm a bit surprised given how poor some of their other recent design additions have been. it remains to be seen if there are unintended consequences, but adding additional tiers to even out the gearing curve and implementing a reasonable system that allows for mid season gearing will definitely increase pvp participation and competition.

moving the conquest restrictions from being results based to effort based i find to be an interesting choice as well. i can see why this might upset a certain segment of the pvp community, however for now i support the decision.

That gear imbalance has always existed in MMOs. LFR raiders do not have the same access to gear as heroic raiders do, for example. The issue here is not the gear divide, though, because the T2 weapons are not that a significant of a contributor to the gear divide. The issue is why Blizzard deems it necessary to give the entire T2 set, most of which is purely cosmetic right now, to everyone rather than retaining the incentive for casual players to hit 2.2k.

MMORPGs have always had a gear imbalance in the sense that someone who plays 8 hours a day will have better gear than someone who plays 2 hours a day, which is fair. A gear imbalance based on skill alone isn't nearly as common as you may think.
wouldnt just normalizing core stats and giving control over gemming, reforges and enchants make the most sense? just give out cosmetics and the titles that exist now for whatever rating break point is
You'll forget about it in a month. This is the same sort of whining people had when the gold requirements for class mounts were removed.
this is a awesome idea ! love it and cant wait for 5.2!!

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