The Worst Idea Ever Conceived by Blizzard PT2

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But don't you want pvp to be based more off skill than gear?
PTR isnt finished yet, 5.2 isnt finished yet.

They've just announced their PVP gear plans, perhaps there is more to announce regarding cosmetic rewards for those with higher rating, since its not Elite gear anymore
The good players will remain good.
The wild madbro is a finicky creature. Once you have driven it to ragemad status, it is nigh impossible to satiate its buttlust for yeahdudeyerrighties.

If you find yourself in the natural habitat of a madbro (Typically MMO forums soon after any game developer speaks), the quickest way to safety is simply to agree with him profusedly, but contribute no actual material to substantiate his arguments.

This will quaff the madbros thirst for appreciation and assist in validating his existence in such a way that he will wander quietly into the night, leaving the structural integrity of whatever set him to ragemad fully intact.
01/18/2013 11:03 AMPosted by Isïs
this is a awesome idea ! love it and cant wait for 5.2!!

Agreed w/ you.
PTR isnt finished yet, 5.2 isnt finished yet.

They've just announced their PVP gear plans, perhaps there is more to announce regarding cosmetic rewards for those with higher rating, since its not Elite gear anymore

there is in fact a blue from the EU who has stated as much.
Well, they aren't giving out heroic PvE gear as described yet, but I see it happening sooner than later. All of this is in sync with everything MoP is about: Grinding and time investment = Rewards. Skill does not get rewarded like it used to.

Even now, raid level gear CAN be obtained through daily quests, its just a notch away from heroic ilvl. To me it is all negligible, and is the direction they have been heading for a while

Personally, I wish they would remove gear from the high end competitive content. I.e, normalize heroic raids like they do 5 man challenge modes, same with Arena/RBGs. Eliminate gear as a reward. Much like challenge modes, make the rewards more cosmetic: Sweet mounts, transmog gear, titles, battle pets, gold, etc.

I've always hated gear being used as an incentive and removing the RNG of gear drops from PvE Realm/Region/World firsts makes the competition more fair. Same could be said for PvP (minus the RNG element, perhaps).
01/18/2013 12:03 PMPosted by Psyops
That's not the issue here. It's the issue of a lack of incentive for casual PvPers in the 2k-2.2k range to continue pushing rating if they're not going for glad or something.

Do you honestly think nothing will be added? That Blizzard won't create something to stop the flow of "elite" PvP tears? Lordie you people do some crying.

Let people who put the time in get some gear. It's only a monicer of your time spent. I can, with confidence, bet you $1000 dollars sometime in the future some vanity thing (Achievement, mount, transmog, something) will be given to players based on rating.

This is downright childish.
I think the reason they are doing this it to add a new teir of ilvl pvp gear into a season without having to start a new season. Since a new season doesnt start every patch but usually a new ilvl of pve gear in introduced the ilvl gap from pve to pvp could get huge making pve items more attractive for pvp.

By making this new ilvl pvp gated behind 27k conquest points (or any number they choose) they can semi control when this new ilvl gear will hit the scene without making a new season.

If the current Mal gear goes to honor and a new tyranical set introduced is already way under the current ilvl of pve gear in 5.1 then by 5.4 when a new season starts the pve ilvl could be 50-60 ilvl above the current pve gear making the pve gear superior kinda like the rogue legendary at the end of cata in pvp.

I wouldnt be surprised if the T2 was made into a full set not just weapon to keep people playing after getting 27k conquest.

I do agree though there should be some kind of transmog like for challenge mode but for 2200+
This win-trading fiasco has caused this to happen. Blame those people.

Win-trading in this season has been more prolific than any of the other seasons combined.

Also, getting to 2.2k in RBGs is disproportionately easier than getting to 2.2k in 3v3 or 5v5.
01/18/2013 11:12 AMPosted by Psyops
This is a negative change for most of the PvP community.

How so?

It really doesn't change much for people above 2200. Cosmetic gear is cool but it's not like it's a huge deal. T1 vs T2 weapons sure, but 2.2k players would stomp on low rated players regardless of weapons. Against high rated teams, everyone would have T2 anyway.

In the long run, it will be good for high ranked players as well because more people playing means more competition, more active brackets. Isn't that a big concern for high rated players?

You said it ruins the incentive for teams in the 1.9 - 2.2k range - but there are only a couple hundred legitimate teams in that range that don't already have T2 weapons.

The rest of the pvp community are people < 1900 who often end up facing people who bought carries or wintraded to get T2 and end up getting stomped simply due to the gear difference. So this change is good for them.
I will restate:

Mechanical advantages for better players is a STUPID IDEA, no matter how you twist it. Imagine if in StarCraft, players in higher ratings would get faster resource gather rate? Or players with more wins in chess had an extra Queen? This is retarded, it's antithesis of competition.


Keep the 2200 rating requirement.

Take out the extra item levels on the T2 weapons. Make T2 recolors, to say "woo i'm a cool dude with 2200 rating". Problem solved.

There's no longer the "T2 wall", where you hit ~1900 rating and get roflstomped by everyone in T2 until you fall back to ~1700, but the pride of being T2 geared still exists.

Why did Blizz ever put extra stats on T2 weapons in the first place?
i wanna be the very best
like no one ever was
to get that t2 is my real test
to upgrade it is my cause
i will travel across azeroth
searching far and wide
each piece of t2, to understand
the faceroll that's inside
What did you expect? The more the game becomes easier, the more people complain and demand. Blizzard just need to put their foot down sometimes and say no.

I agree though RBGs should have never been able to access t2. That's a joke of a PVP bracket, and beyond words how easy it is to be carried.
As someone who has been trying for two seasons to successfully achieve 2200+ RBG and FINALLY earned it this season legitimately (with the exception of queueing into a few random wintrades) I find it extremely disappointing. What is the incentive for people to get 2.2 now? I don't mind people being able to gear up easier so everyone's on a level playing field, but giving them T2 after grinding out 27k conquest, which isn't hard to do at all is appalling. T2 for Healers in particular isn't much of a gear advantage with the way damage is at the moment. T2 for dps on the other hand can completely shred people depending on class, lower the stats maybe? Running Holy Priest this season I was still able to out heal almost every class every game, without T2 and beating other T2 healers overall. Keep the cosmetics for people who achieve 2200. Or ffs lower the gear requirement for t2 to 2000 rating if you want it to be easier for people.

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