3%. DP occurred 3% of the time on grand emp.

I know Blizz says that DP isn't a focus for them because most paladins express distaste in having a rotation reliant upon RNG, but there's lots of us out there that despise having dps reliant upon cooldowns. I tried holy avenger and it's dreadful to me. Especially on fights like Lei where she may go invuln or hide just after I use it..or if the boss moves at all it's wasted.

Regardless, the tooltip says 25%. I refuse to believe even with RNG that it would only occur 3% on a fight as long as the empress. clearly this thing is broken.
3% isn't a very clear number. How many procs were there and how many finishers did you use?
For that matter, what spec were you playing and where is the log? Your post is lacking in a lot of details.

EDIT - Sorry, missed the part where you said "dps being reliant upon cooldowns". Derp.
164 finishers. roughly 5 DP procs. ret of course.
Why is it "roughly"? o.O

And yes, that is a very low number of procs, but you have to keep in mind that it is totally random. It's not 25 procs for every 100 finishers. It's entirely possible to get a really bad run like that...it's entirely possible to get no procs at all, although that's numerically incredibly unlikely. And it's entirely possible for every single finisher to proc DP. It's just luck.
That 25% only applies to finishers used at 3 or more Holy Power. The proc rate is nerfed if you drop a 1 or 2HP ability.

Obviously TV and DS require 3 to be used, but maybe you were dropping shorter duration Inquisitions to try and proc it?

Sorry if it's a dumb question, but just making sure you're aware. I've never had a problem with DP proccing so poorly in either Prot or Ret.
Nah I only ever use with 3 holy power. I stick to the "gain 5HP before each finisher" strategy for maximum use of hp.

and roughly because it averaged out to 4.97 procs, keten :P

and I am aware of a bad run, but over an 11 minute fight? one in 4 chance and over 160 finishers and that's the result? I mean it could be, sure, but I'm just wondering if it actually is bugged or not. There's a lot of quests in the game that I've done numerous times where the drop rate is only 10-20% for the quest item(s), and it sure takes a hell of a lot less than that to get X amount of them. 25% chance is high enough to assure it won't be less than 5% overall, so it seems to me something is wrong with it. Others have posted similar results(6% from one, 7% from another) that I've seen on forums as well.
Why does it average out? There should be an exact number of procs recorded. An average doesn't really mean anything without some sort of qualifier...average procs per minute? Average procs per Holy Power spent?
DP is a gamble - you're betting 3HoPo on a 1:4 chance at a proc. To continue the casino metaphor (which is often so appropriate for our class), the house - not the gambler - almost always wins.
I don't understand the average thing either. Procs are recorded under Buffs Gained section of WoL.
You pick a talent based off of RNG, expect to be screwed by RNG

Unfortunate fact of that talent, and why I'll never spec into it.
As has been beaten to death in this thread already RNG is RNG.

But yeah Divine Purpose needs some love, if Blizzard is so set against not touching it because they believe most Paladins hate it then it shouldn't have survived over from Cata in any form.

A slight boost to it's proc chance is in order, something passive that's just a flat damage boost attached to the talent is needed as well.

That way at least you're getting some benefit from it even if RNG bends you over.

At the moment it is lagging behind the other options heavily, which is a shame, because the play it gives can be quite fun at times.

Maybe go start some ruckus on the PTR forums about it.
01/18/2013 10:01 AMPosted by ßathorý
I tried holy avenger and it's dreadful to me. Especially on fights like Lei where she may go invuln or hide just after I use it..

Lei Shi picks randomly between Hide and Get Away at regular intervals (every ~40s I think, although I don't know the exact timer offhand. DBM tracks it). If there are less than 18s until the next special, don't pop HA. My first few times in that fight, it felt like she specifically waited for me to pop cooldowns before hiding, but once I started watching the timer, I was able to avoid ever losing a cooldown cycle to Hide.

Getting a non-whole-number amount of procs over the course of a fight doesn't make sense. Since you're just talking about one fight, there's nothing to average. 5 procs out of 164 finishers is indeed very low (~7 standard deviations below the mean, certainly enough to cause skepticism). But I've never before heard anyone claiming DP had such a low proc rate, nor did I observe that when I used it myself (which, granted, hasn't been in a couple months). Can you link a log or something?

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