[H] <The Glory Fades> lf geared tank for 10m

Guild Recruitment
<The Glory Fades> is a lvl 25 guild on US-Skullcrusher. We are currently recruiting a geared plate tank. We have a great group of solid players who enjoy having fun while clearing content. Our progression halted in early December as our guild shifted to try 25 man raiding, but we have decided to split back into 10 mans and thus we are left with the need for a tank.

Our primary goal is to make up for the lost time in progression, and focus on clearing HoF and on to ToE. Raid time are Tues and Sunday, 7:30-11:30pm EST.

If interested, please reply in game. My battletag is QueenArthur#1289.
You may also contact Onrodo or Subhero in game.
^^ Still looking for a reliable tank.

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