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<Ten Skeletons> Is rebuilding its core 10 man in preparation for a future 25 man group. We are a level 25 guild recently transferred from a low population realm for the purposes of progression. We are seeking dedicated people to fill most roles, either fully or part time. Especially required are good experienced tanks with some knowledge of the current content(leadership qualities are a huge plus). We need reliable, patient individuals that are mature and drama free. We use ventrilo, and expect others to do the same. Leadership roles are available for experienced raiders that would like to lead raids, challenge modes, rbg’s etc on a regular basis.

What is expected from you:

-Sign up and show up for guild events on a regular reliable basis.
-Treat your fellow guild mates and the guild with respect and dignity.
-Have professions maxed out and all profession enhancements in place.
-Have appropriate gearing, enchants, gems etc, addons, and knowledge for content at hand.(this includes reading and watching videos if you are uncertain). Please note that I-level 475 plus is very much desired for entry level raiders.
-Contribute to the guild and the people in it in other ways besides raiding dates/times.(even if that means simply talking and being nice to fellow guild mates at non raiding times)

~Raid times planned for Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:15pm server(log on 15 min early for any and all events signed up for/Illidan means you log on earlier yet for server cues). Future 25 man will most likely take place on Fridays and Saturdays.~

Extremely Needed at this time:

-Tanks(any and all at this time)
-Fill in healers
-Ranged dps(warlock & hunter very needed at this time)
-Druids of any denomination

Medium needs:

-Melee dps, such as cat druid or rogue
-Dks of any denomination
-part time and fill in healers

Not in high demand at this time, but still free to apply:

-Resto Shaman

~Apply ingame to Elvaerwyn, Resimud, Licentyius, Terryn, Cyberus, or Kamerad please if interested~

(Please note that casual players, levelling characters, pvp players and family and friends are welcome also as this is a family guild with friendly helpful friends at its core~That being said if you require a regular invite whisper any ingame skele).
Need more ppl
Bump for more peeps, we are friendly in here :D
Need more people! Come on tanks!
Still highly need some reliable tanks.
Bump for tanks!
Any ilvl requirement for your tanks?
Any good reliable people will be worked with to be improved if they find themselves lacking, 480 would be a nice entry level number to shoot for but we are happy to help you gear in any way we can!
Are you looking for MT or OT?
Bumping, still need recruits, all welcome!
Bump :D
Still in need of reliable raiders.
Bump for more peeps!
Bump XD

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