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Bump, need dps still, and a part time healer with dps offspec. Hunter/lock in high demand!
bump XD
I am interested in ur 25m, when will they start?
Bumping for having a decent guild name.
What will be your raiding Schedule?
We are still looking to recruit people. We are willing to help out new raiders, as long as they have the dedication to sign up and show up on raid nights.
02/07/2013 08:49 AMPosted by Zerfleischen
What will be your raiding Schedule?

I think we need enough reliable people to form a consistent schedule. Right now we just don't have it.
still LFR accent on the Reliable* team player part!
Still in search of a tank, and couple more reliable dps.
^.^ Still recruiting!
Bump. Really looking for hunter atm, all still welcome!
~Bumpers~ Still need more reliable raiders and fun peeps!
I am a 493 Haste Control Prot Paladin (VIERDIN @ ILLIDAN; 16/16 N) or a 492 Elemental shaman (VOLHARD @ FIRETREE,12/16N, dead server). LFGuild for raiding. Contact me @ VOLHARD#1509.
bump XD
Another bump . . . looking for good mature people moving forward into 5.2. Have some really great people here, and a great leader!

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