Eternal flame?

with the nerf coming to selfless healer im wondering sense the periodic heal of eternal flame being at 100% more cast on yourself anything think it be better to go this route over selfless healer?

Also when does season end? im wondering cause i dont wanna buy dreadful gear when soon you can just get malevolent

Thank you =D
The Sword of Light change more than outweighs the Selfless Healer change. 5.2 Selfless Healer FoLs will be stronger, not weaker, both for self-healing and for allies.

We don't know when the season ends, but presumably not before 5.2, which is not looking to be probably more than a month away. Even if my patch estimation is wildly wrong, it definitely is at least two weeks away, since they haven't given the 2-week end-of-season notice yet.

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