Need some help deciding...

Hi everyone! First, thank you for your opinion.

I know I want to heal end game. I currently have a 83 paladin and a 67 monk. Which do you think will be a better end game healer?

Thanks again!
has a few nice views on the different healing classes, as they say in that thread overall it depends on what you want to do.

For the TLDR version: It doesn't really matter, most classes are about equal so I'd go with what you have fun with, a holy pally played correctly will never do you a disservice, and I've seen monks do beautifully on the charts (though it seems to be hit and miss). So long as you're doing your research and playing it correctly you should have no problems no matter what you want to do. (Also consider raid utility if your guild has 10 holy pallies and 1 mistweaver monk or vice versa then that might be good to consider)

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