EotS Wins in RBGs are showing as Losses.

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Well, the title is self explanatory. Check every armory, 99.9% of Eye of the Storm games played are recorded as losses, even if you win.

This has been going on for a while, I'm surprised it hasn't been fixed so I'm bringing it here.
related to this post, I believe that regular EoS wins are not getting updated in the battleground statistics page of my toons' profiles. I keep a spreadsheet tracking my bg wins / losses which i update from this source every couple of months. 9 different toons had 0 new EoS wins from a couple hundred EoSs played since mid Oct 2012. Normal win rate is around 50% give or take depending on the toon.
Bump, still not fixed.
Recent posts are still complaining that it's not fixed.
Still a problem as of today.

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