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Wyrmrest Accord
Date of Posting: 1/5/2013

“Let Varian Wrynn have his war. We have our own obligations to Azeroth.”

WEBSITE: http://the-scarlet-sigil.wowstead.com/

I. Introduction
- The neutralizing hostile Undead wherever they are found.
- The reclamation of Lordaeron and its surrounding regions as a human nation.
- The re-instatement of a mutually agreed ruler for New Lordaeron.

OOC Goals:
- The Scarlet Sigil is dedicated to storyline-driven RP. This includes storylines that may require months to unfold, as well as periodic storylines.
- The Scarlet Sigil encourages both city and world RP, but we also ask for discretion. Many people have varying opinions on Scarlets, and we ask that our members try to avoid drama when possible.
- We try to encourage roleplay on Wyrmrest Accord related to non Alliance factions, the undead, the Forsaken, etc . . .
- Our characters are not meant to be silly, humorous or overly flirty by default. The Scarlet Sigil is a militaristic organization of Light wielders. As such, they are expected to follow a particular uniform code of conduct that dictates their behaviour.
- While we do encourage our players to be expressive with their characters and RP, we frown down upon non-lore compliant character types, stagnant characters or ones with problems with authority IC wise. Once again, we are a militaristic guild. Insubordination and disrespect IC wise will be looked down upon and dealt with in an IC fashion.
- There is no age requirement for membership, but members of the Scarlet Sigil are expected to conduct themselves in a mature, adult-like manner. Drama, trolling, harassment will not be tolerated.
- We strive to create a sanctuary for talented Scarlet role players and writers on Wyrmrest, and to help improve the reputation held by Scarlet roleplay on the server.

Guild Information:
RP: Medium, military-style RP
PVE: We do have skilled raiders amongst us that pursue current content raiding. However, we do not have a dedicated raid team at this time, but we are not opposed to starting one up in the future.Please check the calendar for PVE raids.
PVP: We do RP-PVP events with other RP PVP guilds on the server. Please check the calendar for RP-PVP events.
II. Affiliation/Politics:

The Scarlet Sigil is a neutral faction; however, many members sway towards the Alliance. Regardless of the situation, the Scarlet Sigil will do whatever possible to avoid hostile conflict with another faction, guild or organization.

III. Alignment

Lawful evil.

“The road to hell is paved in good intentions.”

Though being a 'Holy Order,' the Scarlet Sigil operates within the limits of their code of conduct with little regard for whom it harms. 
The Scarlet Sigil values the allegiances that they have with their cause, government, the Church or other organization. Members of the Scarlet Sigil are ordered to adhere to local ordinances, and to avoid any unnecessary conflict with local law enforcement.  The Scarlet Sigil also strongly value those that they consider being allies. They consider their values to be paramount because it combines honor with dedicated self-interest.

IV. Command Structure

The following is a listing of the guild rankings as they appear in game. Please see the person's individual 'Officer Note' for their exact name and title.

Grand Crusader – the official leader of the Scarlet Sigil

High Council- various titles, they assist with OOC and IC management of the guild.
Officer- various titles can follow this generic rank, those with the rank of officer handle the IC and OOC aspects of the Scarlet Sigil. Their official in-game titles can range from person to person.

Knight Captain – a level of leadership that oversees the activities of Knights and Crusaders.

Knights/Crusaders – both are essentially equivalent in standing. Crusaders are mostly PVE/PVPers who RP and have access to free guild repairs while Knights are mostly Rpers who train others in the guild. Instead of free guild repairs, they are awarded a certain amount to compensate for their time. Crusaders must be at least lvl 60 while Knights must be lvl 90.

Squires- Can be any level under lvl 90, and they are trained by Knights.

Initiates – new members of the guild, time spent as an Initiate will vary.

OOC/Inactive- this rank is reserved for those who have not logged into their character for quite some time.

V. Base of Operations

The Scarlet Sigilhas various locations that it operates from. 
They hold several store front establishments in Stormwind that sell generic goods for income, as well as a main complex in Darkshire.

VI. Characters Admitted

Unlike the other Scarlet guilds/RP groups in the past, the Scarlet Sigil's recruitment is now open to all classes and races. Albeit, those who Icly join their ranks must prove themselves as being dedicated towards the Sigil's causes. In previous times, only humans were permitted into the Scarlet Sigil; however, desperate times have opened their ranks to accept all those who  can prove that they are not traitors or spies for the Forsaken.

VII. Guild Story Backstory

The Scarlet Sigil was formed by the remnants of the Scarlet Crusade and the displaced soldiers of Lordaeron. The original Scarlet Sigil was able to amass a considerable army until their eventual identity as Scarlets was discovered. They carried the foul reputation of the Scarlet Crusade and met hostility wherever they went. Their ranks eventually crumbled, and treachery ran high as the prominent members of the Sigil were systematically assassinated.

After the collapse of the original Scarlet Sigil, the survivors attempted to rebuild their Order. This time, they moved their base of operations to Darkshire under the alias 'The Order of Darkshire” and removed all traces of their Scarlet past from outsiders.

To the public's view, the Order of Darkshire was a Holy Order that focused on the protection of travelers in the Duskwood area and kept the Undead away from the human settlements. Under this rouse, the Sigil continued to operate, steadily filling their ranks with new recruits with hopeful words of encouragement that the powers of “good” would triumph over the Undead, all the while the Sigil's Inquisitors worked tirelessly to bend these new recruits to their ways.

Presently, The Order of Darkshire works openly with other races and factions who align with their goals, and especially those who are wiling to assist them in their cause.
VIII. Guild Uniform/Dress Code - More to come!

The current guild uniform list is being formulated, and it will vary on class and race.  Accepted "sets" are strongly recommended for certain RP events.

Our official colors are gold and blue. (Yes, there's an IC reason for that.)

We have two official sets of outfits, one is used outside for public "show," while the other is used privately for our closed RP events.

Cloth RP Gear- Accepted Sets:
Devout Recolor: http://wowroleplaygear.com/2011/05/08/devout-recolour/
Absolution Recolor: http://wowroleplaygear.com/2011/05/09/absolution-recolour/

Plate RP Gear- Accepted Sets:

Dark Plate Inferno Set: http://www.wowhead.com/transmog-set=1055
Tier 2 Paladin Judgement Set Recolour: http://www.wowhead.com/transmog-set=404

=Class Specific Sets=
All tier sets are acceptable.

Recommended RP Resources:

Some of these are related to general RP gameplay while the rest are specific for Scarlet RP.

RP Backstory Helper: http://rpmadesimple.com/rp_files/backstory_worksheet.pdf

Character Alignment Guide: http://easydamus.com/alignment.html
Recent RP Events:

1/3/2013- Coordinated guild RP with Ashes of the Forbidden.
Reserved, like that really nice table at that restaurant that you like going to only to find out that the people who reserved it never showed up. Thus, leaving you without a table and sitting in the lobby for an hour.
Also reserved, like that parking stall at work for some big shot manager who only works one day a every two weeks, leaving you alone to walk from the back of the parking lot in the snow on a daily basis.
Reserved, just like that Occupy movement except in thread form.
Love it.
Nice work. Creative, well thought out and full of info. Looking forward to the guilds RP. Keep it up Ess. ~L

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