<Steelblood Vanguard> {H PvE} Need Healers!

Wyrmrest Accord
<Steelblood Vanguard> is recruiting!

We are a progression raiding guild built upon the foundation that enjoying the content precedes grinding your face against the wall for progression. That, of course, doesn't mean we don't progress and fast!

HEALERS. We need RELIABLE healers who won't abandon us the week they join, or stop showing up for most raids. Any classes other than paladin welcome. PLEASE be geared and able to push numbers, we are seeking to push forward fast now that we have regained momentum.

If you are interested in the PvP part, or the RP part, you can skip the large post below. Even though we are looking at these, however, our primary focus is and always will be raiding.

We are a 10m raiding guild. As of now, all plans for 25m raiding are suspended.

Note: Our first raiding 10m team is almost full. Any applicants from here on will be on bench and potentially rotated in until a 10m team is viable to pursue.

<Steelblood Vanguard> Is currently at 16/16 Normal 10m with 3/6 H MSV.
    Our raid times are at 6-9 p.m. server time, Monday-Thursday.
    We are also partially an RP guild - it is NOT required of anyone to participate, but we would like to launch off some guild storylines for any interested.
    We strive to take care of each raider, and give a fun environment and an excellent attitude as we raid.
    We reward people who come prepared to each and every raid prepared with their own food, flasks and the like.
    We usually prefer people to log on 15-30 minutes before raid so we can sort out who we have and get into the raid at 6 p.m. sharp.

What we are looking for in recruits:

    A friendly, patient attitude for raiding. Above all else, this is the most important. This doesn't mean no cussing, however.
    Know your class, know your spec. This one is a given. If you don't know either, you are expected to research and push yourself to an acceptable level - we are happy as a guild to help.
    Be gemmed, enchanted, reforged. A given.
    An appropriate name. This doesn't mean an RP name, simply something not offensive (racial slurs, foul language, etc.)
    Have ventrilo and be ready to listen. Being able to speak instead of just listen would be a large perk when we consider you. Clear vent when we are about to fight a boss.
    Don't be afraid of the "dreaded" bench - if we need to bring in someone to progress, it is a sad truth of possibly not only class composition and buffs, but also occasionally of a step-up in gear. If you are benched, it is not permanent whatsoever.
    No drama. This is self-explanatory. If an issue arises, either deal with it in whispers, and if you cannot, bring it to an officer.
    Experience is preferred in terms of raiding. It isn't required, but is definitely a worthy thing to add.
    Sign up for raids. We put a calendar event up for each raid we do, and usually base ourselves around who's signed up.
    If you sign up for a raid, you are expected to be there unless otherwise notified. Attendance is expected overall, but occasional misses due to real life and the like are fine - just not commonly missing raids.

Potential raid team 2:
Anything. But as noted, this will be bench spots until there are enough interested.

PvP and Rated Battlegrounds
We are starting to create an RBG team with friends and are delving into some rated PvP. As such, we're looking for competent, geared players to round out our PvP team. A non-priest healer would be excellent, but any good player will be considered. If you are interested in the PvP portion, please contact an officer or myself.


This is currently a minor portion of the guild consisting mainly of individuals asking about doing RP. The potential of creating a storyline, as a guild, however, is there and we welcome interested parties to help us with creating a guild story. Even if we aspire to a guild story, however, we welcome non-guild RPers to get in touch to find RP!

Our current story: We are a mercenary guild formed shortly after Pandaria was discovered, specifically to take advantage of the various secrets and relics that Pandaria holds. Our goal is not to give this to the Horde or anyone else, but our own benefit. We will take up any job, for we are not above doing the dirty work, the illegal tasks or the morally wrong.

Contact info:
In order to get in touch with us, feel free to whisper or send an in-game mail to either,
Xunlai (GM)
Grodash (Officer)
Aelanthan (Officer)

Our website: http://steelblood-wra.guildlaunch.com
/bump for some hopeful caster dps.
Bump because killing spree is OP :D
Bumpin' dis up 'cause we be needin' mo' peeps.

Focus is being drawn away from healers, more towards DPS!
Bumping again for some casters. I can't be the only warlock dps when we do 25mans.
Have a bump Good luck with your recruiting.
Bump for a great night in 25 man MSV!
Good luck on Shalalala! <3
Le bump, updating this thread.
Sha is dead. Updated.
Moar recruits!
This was once the name of a good PvP guild on WRA back in Season 9 and 10.
*Shadowsteps the guild back to the top!*
Also bump.
Giving this a serious bump, looking to recruit for 5.2 so we can switch to 25 mans!
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Healers are on a high priority. Updated to reflect this.
Bump for healers. :3 Doing a 25m Terrace and Heart of Fear next week!
Getting ready and excited for them 25s tomorrow, would love to see some new blood in when we push it!

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