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Pet Battles
Heres what i got

Flawless BoE

Black Tabby
Magical Crawdad
Pandaren Air Elemental
Aqua Strider
Stitched Pup

Looking for- rare drops, not raid ones atm, tcg pets and anything im still missing in my list.

Battletag Lloyd#1841
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7593619743 -- I'm mostly looking for gold so I can finish up my jewelcrafting mounts.

Ravenholdt server

Landro's Lil' XT 9.5k Horde/9.8 Alliance
Landro's Lichling x1 Each 9.5k Horde/9.8 Alliance
Eye of the Legion x2 9.5k Horde/9.8 Alliance
Grell 9.5k Horde/9.8 Alliance
Nightsaber Cub x2 for sale 9.5k Horde/9.8 Alliance
Guardian Cub x 1 for sale 9.5k Horde/9.8 Alliance
Sand Scarab x1 -- need to work out a fair price.

A couple of excess spirits as well. Basically, if I have more than one, it is for sale. If I have only one, I may have it caged, but not displaying as owned right now, or listed on the AH at a higher price.
Does anyone have a humanoid stone they'd be willing to trade? I currently have aquatic, beast, dragonkin, and undead stones but I would prefer to trade the aquatic since I have two of them.

Stones I need: elemental, mechanical, aquatic, flying, beast, magic, and critter stones.

Peddlefeet is now gone. Thanks so much for the trade.

Humanoid stone is gone. If I get anymore, I'll be sure to post about it.

I have a spare humanoid stone for trade.

Stones I need: elemental, mechanical, aquatic, flying, beast, magic, and critter stones.

Peddlefeet is now gone. Thanks so much for the trade.


Thank you again, you're a lifesaver! The only stones I've never gotten are humanoid and mechanical so thank goodness for these forums and trading.
Anyone interested in an aquatic stone? It's literally almost all I get (4 aquatic stones in last 4 days). I'll trade it for any other stone, I'm just tired of aquatic. Ghulmorr#1510 if you're interested.
COMPLETED - Thanks :]
Im willing to trade anything i need for one of my excess pandaren spirits. currently have 1 air.
Battle ID Kevin#1612

I have a flawless battle stone (not bop)

critter battle stone and mechanical battle stone

Looking for rare, TCG, promotion pets or gold
Battle Tag: Jones#1194

For now I'm just looking to trade for a few family specific stones:

Open to others I suppose

I can offer most pets that I currently have available or can purchase on the AH (I'm on a couple of well populated realms so most anything is available at some time or another). No I won't spend 80k on Bananas though to trade for 40 stones or something, that's silly.

Take a look at what I have and see if you're interested. At the moment i'm really hard for a magic stone!
I have:
1x Flawless Battle-Stone
1x Critter Stone
1x Flying Stone
3x Aquatic Stone
3x Magic Stone
1x Beast Stone
Pandaren Earth/Water/Air Spirits

Pets I need:
Darkmoon rabbit
Landros XT and Lichling

Danicalo#1107 if interested
Trades Completed
Things for trade:
Flawless Battle Stone BoE
Anything else?

Looking for:

Hippogryph Hatchling
Eye of the Legion
Gregarious Grell
Landro's Lichling
Landro's Lil' XT
Nightsaber Cub
Tuskarr Kite
Sand Scarab

Go ahead and add me if you're interested! Loveology#1518
WTT my Gregarious Grell for a Nightsaber Cub

Wts Darkmoon rabbit 45k, rocket chicken for 45k. Willing to negotiate for packed deal. Only want gold on that server so you would have to transfer to me but would be only one transfer.
Would anyone be interested in trading a undead or humanoid stone for a mechanical?

What I have to trade:

Aqua strider x2
Corefire imp
Ashstone core
Fungal abomination
Terrible turnip x3
Clockwork gnome
Voodoo figurine x2
Fossilized hatcling
Rustberg gull

(all lvl 1)

Looking for:

Darkmoon eye
Landro's lil xt

I'll accept some pets not listed for Aqua strider(s). Willing to trade multiple pets for Darkmoon eye or lil xt. Sid#1904
What I have to trade:

Pandaren Water Spirit
Pandaren Earth Spirit
Eye of the Legion - Traded, thanks Sid!

Looking for:

Fungal Abomination

Not much, but that's all I'm looking for.


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