[H] Herald of the Titans run LFM

I'm starting a herald of the titans run and looking for more to fill us up. I've raid lead this before on another toon and am doing it again on this one.

Going to need 1 heal/1 dps.

Plan to get this out of the way within a week from now atleast. So if youre prepared and been wanting this done lets do it.
I sent you a request, Whoneedsone@alexstrasza is the pally I would tank on (Some of his gems are crap since horde side on this server is fail economy.) His gear is close to best though.
Do you still need bis gear for this?
You need to be lv 80 with ilv 200-226 gear in all armor slots and ilv 200-232 in weapon/offhand slots. I personally am not going to be super picky with your gear, just as long as you dont have any greens, and the majority of your gear is atleast from raids like naxxramas and ulduar and is atleast 213 or 226. A few ilv 200 pieces wont be a problem.

In addition to that, everyone will need to bring a cataclysm flask for the run.
The flasks are called flask of the draconic mind - intellect, flask of titanic strength - strength, flask of steelskin - stamina, flask of the winds - agility. Healers please dont bring a spirit flask, the fight wont last long enough for you to run out of mana.

I will supply the food buff in the form of a seafood magnifique feast. Which will give you an additional 90 points in your best stat. The flask and food buff in total will give you 390 extra points to your most useful stat.
Alright, this post here is going to be our roster for the run. Ill keep editing this post as I find people to fill the group.

Tank - Whoneedsone - Alexstrasza
Tank - Ereq - Kargath
Healer - Tweex - Zul'jin
Healer - Spiritbender - Moon Guard
Healer -
Dps - Kopyrite - Suramar
Dps -
Dps -
Dps - Xoxoqt - Burning Legion
Dps -

We plan to kill Algalon for herald of the titans on Monday night at 8pm Eastern Standard Time on January 14th.
Count me in.

01/06/2013 06:52 AMPosted by Superflu
Do you still need bis gear for this?

If you know how to properly play your class, you can excel in your dps/healing capabilities. My priest was only 219 and we were able 2 heal using 2 disc priests, and undergeared tanks.
I'll tank or dps. Im working on getting my BS to 400 for the 2 extra gem sockets, but i dont know anyone to help me run through places to get jp or gear.
I have a shammy healer. Full 213/223 gear. Almost finished with his enchants.


my btag is terandus#1874
Well Lana we're planning to get this run down in about a weeks time. And since you dont have any gear at all it's not going to end up working out im afraid. I dont wanna wait a month for you to get gear. Sorry :(
I can tank depending on when you want to do this. I just need to gem/enchant and get a shield.
Shield and ring Ereq, but yeah could use you as our 2nd tank.

forgot about the ring but I'll just put on my old ring.
Damn I'm working on my monk for this :(
Off to bed for the night! Our raid team is half-way done. Really need some dps now! :)
I think I added you but I'm not sure if it went through. I have an 80 hunter that I've been getting ready for joining a Herald run sometime. Toon is Tardomatic@Illidan. One card short of my other darkmoon trinket and still using two blues, but everything else is epic and ilvl200+. The gear isn't spectacular by any means, mainly just crafted a bunch of stuff to give myself a starting foot, so you won't hurt my feelings if you pass me up.

Oh, and I haven't really messed with spec/reforging/glyphs just yet. Should have that sorted out by tomorrow though.
Druid is level 76 atm, going to be 80 later today (Jan 7th 2013)

Will be farming heroic 5mans for JP to get the 226 vendor gear

Add me on Battle tag if i can tag along as melee dps or tank

Bump still looking for 4 dps and 1 healer who are already 80 and already geared for herald.
Bumping this up again! Still looking for 4 dps and 1 healer for herald. We're hoping to do it this Monday.
Bump need 3 dps/1 healer.

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