[H] Herald of the Titans run LFM

There may be a chance I get this toon ready by Monday. If so, I can fill a healer spot.
I'd be interested in running with you guys, sadly I cannot go until reset next week as I am saved this week.
If I cant fill the roster by the end of the week Ill add you onto it and we'll do it next week.
Sounds good Çell#1518
Bumping again for 3 dps and a healer.
sent you a request, I can come on my pretty much BiS ele Sham

Already done Herald atleast 5 times in the past.

prefer weekend to do it, but not exceptionally busy any day of the week


Ive got an almost completed tank and holy set for herald. I already have herald, i got it years ago when it was legit. but more than willing to help out. Bentley#1770
I can heal, mostly ilvl 200-213 stuff but our heals are OP no matter what, alg should be easy
I'd be interested in doing this, working on finishing up the remaining pieces now. I can DPS (or Tank should the need arise). Working on finishing the set today, would end up with almost full 226/219 gear with 232 weapons.

Sent you an invite request in-game. Calaelen#1193
Bumping! Runs tomorrow night.
I'd like to dps if possible. This is the gear I plan on taking. I have enough alchemy to get the bonus from the cata flasks also.

sorry to bail like an hour before hand, but my uncle got in a slideoff and is in the ER and I need to be with him

hopefully you can find another dps pretty easily
i dont have a character for this since i leveled it but i did it on a hpally not to long ago and wouldnt mind answering any questions you guys have =D
Run was completed tonight. Thanks to all who came.
01/14/2013 06:34 PMPosted by Tweex
Run was completed tonight. Thanks to all who came.

Good run....great lead.
Might there be a repeat of this later?

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