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I am using the app to talk in guild chat and whisper friends but it seems to always get a connection error and will not connect to guild chat. It will let me use all of the other functions and I am connected to a stable wifi. This is a continuous problem, sometimes it will connect and them other times it won't connect until I try hundreds of times. I also hate how if the app gets minimized then it will disconnect from guild chat, because it does this it never wants to reconnect.
I am using the iPhone 5
bumping this - I haven't been able to consistently log into guild chat for months via the remote app. When I can log in, I'm disconnected repeatedly.

I am on an iphone 4. I will disable wi-fi, enable wi-fi, connect via 3G - still nothing.

"Chat Connection Error - Connection Timed Out"

HOWEVER - i can access the auction house, armory, etc - just fine.

Still happening today. I know that most of the weekend my realid friends were not accessible in game because of a " error", so perhaps there is an issue regarding this and being able to remote chat.
Same but it comes and goes :(
What is the issue Blizz?
Bump- still happening to me
Ditto here. I'm on the iPhone 4 as well. Can browse armory but cannot sign into chat. Periodically can't even log into armory at all.
It was working fine for a couple days and today, now I can't sign in to gchat on my ipod or ipad.
Same. Every time theres maintenance mobile chat seems to go on the fritz. Happened every time so far. Working fine past few days try to get on after maintenance today and nothing.
I don't think I've ever been able to consistently stay connected to chat. The most common chat issue I have is when my phone's screen turns off I get disconnected and am never able to reconnect. I did delete the app and reinstall and I was able to log in once, then phone screen goes and so does chat. Like others here it doesn't matter if I'm in WiFi or 3G. Also using an iPhone 4S, everything up to date.
I am also having consistent problems with this app. I can access my AH no problem. But guild chat never works. I have to constantly retry 10-15 times to connect. And even then it isnt stable. Most times I have to delete the app and re install for it to work. After 5 minutes it reverts to its usual buggy self.

I have an iPhone 4.
I tried using the Armory application for the first time in quite a while. It has locked my account both times. Kind of a pain to reset my password.

Anyone else running into this problem?
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