Two 11/16 H players LFG [HORDE]

Guild Recruitment

Our Req's:

    CANNOT raid Wed, Fri, Sat
    We can raid between 4:45 and 10:00 pm PST
    Prefer equally progressed guild (11/16 H)
    MUST be horde (unless you pay for our faction change)
    Prefer be 25 man raid, unless you are more progressed than us

What we bring:

Please note that I am willing to play my fresh 90 resto/guardian druid instead of my priest if you have need for that class/role. It is undergeared but I am just as skilled on it.

Please Skype me (Budobo) if you are interested in recruiting us. Thank you!
^ what syrenai said
Howdy, potential applicant. We are <Results May Vary>, the result of a merger of two higher end raiding guilds on Shadowmoon. Since our merge, we have been steadily killing heroic bosses and are challenging not only the top guild on our server, but the top guilds on high end servers for progression. In the interest of maintaining the aggressive pace at which we've been killing bosses, we are now opening our doors to excellent off-server players.

We need
Elemental Shaman
RogueWe are also interested in a tank with good leadership abilities, who can display clarity in intense situations and is vocal about cooldowns and actions he/she is taking.

<Results May Vary> has killed 10/16 heroic bosses. We have full cleared Mogushan Vaults on heroic, and the first four bosses in Heart of Fear. Amber Shaper is our current progression target and is expected to die within the next couple days.

Raid Times
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: 8-11
Sunday: 8-12
Please be able to make all of these times. We are a small guild of friendly adults, so we will understand if work makes you miss a day or late every so often, but if you're scheduled to work until 830 every day this is not the group for you.

RMV is a group of people who strive to kill content while outperforming other players in their class and role. You should be a like minded individual. We expect you to be prepared with parses of your performance as well as clear knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of your class when you contact us. You will also be prepared to rotate in and out for bosses, as our entire roster has been doing over these past few weeks. Loot is done simply on rolls, and you will be expected to discuss shared loot (accessories, weapons, tier tokens) with other members when it drops to see if it substantially benefits someone else over yourself. Lastly, you will be prepared, if chosen, to conduct an interview with officers and/or members over Ventrilo.

If you're still reading, and this sounds like something you're interested in, I urge you to contact either myself, Pedwik or Krutchs and arrange an interview.

Krutchs(Recruitment): Krutchs#1306
Foretay(Officer): Forte#1648
Pedwik(GM): Pedwik#1677
Raid Times
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: 8-11

Someone didn't read!

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