Profession Kits *Taking Requests!*

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02/09/2013 07:50 AMPosted by Kursed
I don't do enchanting, sorry, but I do everything else.

JC is 15k.
Kursed won't come help me farm, some bodyguard..
02/09/2013 09:26 PMPosted by Misspriss
Kursed won't come help me farm, some bodyguard..

You only throw up the bat signal when you really need Batman.
Maybe I didn't want your help anyway.
I want to buy tailoring
Okay add my battletag please.
Taking requestssss. Have 4 to make atm :3
Omg Misspriss and Kaylias are the same person!!!111ONEONE

What? How you figure?
Hey im WTB blacksmithing kit please. 1-600. add me in game. ERathbone#1963 thanks
Have quite a few to make at the moment. If you want to request a kit, it could be over a week before I get to yours.
BUMP. Making some at the moment, but look at the first post. It's edited extremely!
^ Very trustworthy seller, to anyone that may be wondering. Glad to see your kits flying out the door like crazy :D
Bump - WTB Requests XD
I'd like to buy an Engi and Alchemy set ^_^! tyty
Oh hayy. Can you readd me to Battlenet? I'll get started on those for you.
Misspriss you are classy and awesome. Keep it up!

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