Profession Kits *Taking Requests!*

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How long will it take you to get a Blacksmithing kit?
2-3 Days.
Customer Reviews!

"It was a great kit, and when !@#$ was missing it was given to me asap <3" ~Fiddlestics for Inscription.

"You did a good job quick easy and reasonably priced." ~Bloodgrahm for Jewelcrafting.

*Customer reviews might be posted in the forum by the customers themselves!*

yup yup good kit
Making one kit right now, WTB Requests. :)
With 5.2 coming I'll be taking a break for a while. A few days at least to adjust and experience new content. I will take requests but I wont start on them for a few days. :) I'll post again when I'm off break ;D
But remember! I will still take requests!
soooo good!

thanks for the kit! you're friendly and helpful!

bottom line: go here if you need profession kits, the work and experience is top notch!

thanks again!
It was a pleasure sir.
Hey been trying to get into contact with you over two kits i'm interested in buying if you're still making em. I know you said you were taking a break to experience new contact but you said you were also still taking requests. I want BS and Engi, i sent you real id request and it never said you added me so just posting here to let you know so when you do start making your kits again mine will be in mind after the ones you may still need to finish are done, Thanks
03/14/2013 01:27 PMPosted by Drksknbandit
i sent you real id request and it never said you added me

I apologize, I haven't had internet for the past week. I will resume soon. I will probably start making them again maybe Monday or later in the week. I appreciate your patience.
Bumps. Making 5 kits atm. ETA on availability is probably next Monday. :-)
Hey Misspriss,

I spoke to you last night about a LW kit. I would like to commit and get my name on the list. I am in need of that LW kit. So, let me know what I need to do on my end. Thank you.

6 To make right now you guys are killin' me.

get my name on the list

You're added. (6th)

let me know what I need to do on my end

Add me to Battlenet please now or in about a week cuz that's around the time I'll be able to start on yours.
hey i'd love an eng kit. i'll try to contact you in game tomorrow.
Bump Bump Bump - Making 3 kits right now. Should be done in 2 days.
any chances on a chanting kit?
thanks for the kit! it was perfect!
Inscrip kit was fast and reasonably priced.
Got a BS kit. Was extremely easy and I even had some mats left over. Very fast and easy, took me about 2 hours total to get to 600.

Thanks so much. Will definitely buy again when I need to level another profession.
any chances on a chanting kit?

Enchanting if I did it would be 20k. Sorry for the delayed response.

Thanks so much guys for the feedback :)

I have about 9 kits to work on right now, hoping to knock them all out within a few days though. :)

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