486 Resto Shaman LF 25m Late Night.

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Hey there. I am currently looking for a 25m guild with some solid heroic progression to call home for 5.2. I have been raiding as a resto shaman since BC went live and couldn't imagine playing any other class. I had stopped raiding shortly after 4.1 due to having children and decided to start playing again when MoP went live. I have been raiding with a RL friend of mine in a guild that is just a bit too casual for my liking. 25m heroic progression raiding is where my heart lies and I would like to return to it. Currently I am 14/16 normal (some on a different account) due to the casualness of the guild Im in and I would like to change that. I am a very competent player and can learn and adapt extremely well. All of my raiding expieriance is in clearing all current content while it is still relevent. The only thing I have holding me back is my availability due to having 2 kids and working full time. The earliest I can raid is 11pm EST but I am able to raid 7 days a week and would prefer to raid at least 4 days a week but more then that is never a bad thing. Thanks for your consideration.

Hey, what about 10 man? if you're keen we're 5/16HM 16/16N 10 man guild looking for 1 Healer to fill our core roster.

We're based on the oceanic server at Khaz'goroth realm.

Raid times: Fri/Sat 7pm-11pm PST.

Progression: 5/16HM 16/16N

Add me on Btag for more info: Rachel#1517

Go to our website for applications at: www.wipesforsale.com
Hello there Blue!

My name is Wish, I am currently co-gm within an amazing guild known as <After Shock> on Area-52 (PvE) we are on the horde side, currently running one 10 man group, who is actively seeking to refill some open spots within the roster that have become available. As a guild, we are currently 6/6 MSV and are looking to push hard progression through HoF, we have successfully pushed the first boss to 12% so it should not be much longer! We have a three day a week raiding schedule, with our raid days being Wed/Thurs/Sun from 9:30PM server to 12:00 AM. We are currently seeking an elemental shaman with a restoration off-spec, we need an occasional third heal but the spot is for main-spec elemental rolls!

The core values within our guild are to have a very tight core group, and to raid with people who seek to form good bonds with one another! We do have an 18+ age policy in place due to the fact that there can be quite a few crude jokes said within the guild. Once I read your post, I felt like you may be a good fit – I can guarantee that you will feel like this guild is more of a home, then a guild! We’d love to hear from you, you may contact me the following methods. If you wish to go to 10-man content, rather then 25 let us know! We'd love to talk to you about a core spot.

You may contact me directly through whispers, or via my real-ID theclockworkrobot@yahoo.com! You may also contact our guild master, Nymuè through whispers or via her real ID jessicamayberry22@yahoo.com!
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