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Convicted Heroes is an Aman'Thul guild looking for new members to join us in Azeroth.

We're currently looking for:

  • OT/dps for core raiding
  • Heals for core raiding
  • DPS for core raiding

Applicants should be friendly and active players who know their class but don't mind learning more about it and enjoy playing WoW. A basic ability to follow instructions and not stand in the fire is required. Emos and the emotionally immature need not apply.

Who We Are

Convicted Heroes is an Oceanic guild on Aman'Thul that provides a fun and relaxed atmosphere while still maintaining the focus and discipline necessary to succeed. While we have members with mains and alts at all levels from 1-90, in all walks of life, we are a progression raiding guild with mature members.

Progression & Raid Schedule

Our 10-man raids are Wed/Thu/Sun from 8:15-11:00 PM AEDT (server time). For a core raiding position, you'll need to maintain an average raid attendance of 75% or more.

Gear & Experience

While gear does not equal skill, your gear will tell us whether or not you take your character's performance and progression seriously. Raiding members are expected to have appropriately level gear in all slots along with top gems/enchants/enhancements. Some leeway may be extended to new members wishing to join who can demonstrate adequate performance.

Personal Attributes

Convicted Heroes is recruiting enthusiastic and self-motivated players with a solid understanding of their class and their chosen spec(s), who take responsibility for their own readiness and commit to personal excellence. We do not recruit on gear alone but factor the player's personality heavily in the recruitment process.

We're looking for players who:

  • have fun playing the game, while still having a strong desire to progress and see end-game content
  • think raiding is more about seeing content with their friends than getting "phat loots"
  • have an irreverent sense of humor
  • are looking for a guild for the long-term
  • value the people who play the game over the game itself

If you're interested in joining Convicted Heroes and would like more information, please contact Tyrill or Kalanix in-game or put up an application on http://convicted-heroes.com/

Tyrill (GM)
Would you consider a Mage and a Priest as a pair to fill your ranks?

Mage Armory

Priest Armory

We play together as Husband and Wife and are currently looking for a guild to get raiding again.

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