Spriest + Mage LF10M semi-hardcore!

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Hey all!

A friend and I are looking for a new home after a 2 month hiatus away from WoW. We’re 2 dps who have previously been in hard mode guilds in earlier expansions, and are looking to get back into the 10m semi-hardcore HM raiding scene in preparation for 5.2. we are:

480 Shadow priest (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/jubeithos/Exie/simple) OR re-rolled MW Monk
488 Fire/Arcane Mage (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/jubeithos/Pr%C3%B5digy/simple)

We are both experienced and quality raiders who will perform to our best in an environment where we are challenged by content. The mage and I are looking for core positions in a guild that will attempt to clear as much content pre-nerf as possible, and are willing to transfer server/faction.

We also will be bringing our shaman friend (485 Elemental Shaman (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/jubeithos/Sinragos/simple) he does not necessarily need/want a core position, but is willing to sub/contribute.

We are all Central Australians, so +8:30 GMT raid times from 9pm till 12pm are our available times.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Ctrl Alt Elitè is recruiting!

About Us
We are a newly formed 25 man raiding guild. Most of us are 3/16 heroic on 10m raids. We just decided to go back to 25m for a different challenge. Our raid times are Wed/Thu/Sat/Mon* at 930pm (GMT +8) or 1230am server time. Monday raids are scheduled if we are close to a kill and need that extra push.

Who are we looking for?
Anyone who is exceptionally interested and ready to commit to raid in a 25 man environment. We are currently looking for more DPS to bolster our roster with an exceptional interest in warriors, boomkins and shadow priests.

Who to contact?
You can apply at http://controlelite.enjin.com/ or simply add ProdigyLoy#1652 or Errza#1192 on battletag for more information.
Carpe Diem - Nagrand - 25m Raiding - Currently 6/16H


Raid times 8:30 - Midnight (ST) during DST and 8:00-11:30 (ST) when DST is finished.

Go to website for more information or if you want to create a toon on nagrand talk to Shaqsback, Holls, Issachaar, Redracoon, Crazyfists
Bump, stil looking for those 10 mans :)
As it so happens, Endless Fury of Nagrand alliance is looking for a mage and a shadow priest for core raid spots!

Check out our recruitment thread here:

Or hit me up on Battletag Xeniwind#1143 or on Nagrand (look for any 'Xen' toon in EF) for a chat.
Hi there,

Strength and Honor is a well-established raiding guild situated on Horde Aman’thul. We function as a 10 man raiding guild; allowing mature raiders to experience end game content in a well-established and driven raid environment. Strength and Honor is devoted to providing top end raiding whilst maintaining a very social and friendly atmosphere. We are a team of like-minded people who are determined to succeed in raiding and aspire to compete on not only a server but regional-based level. Strength and Honor is currently seeking dedicated, skilled and talented raiders to join them in their continuing progression though Mists of Pandaria. We are interested in ambitious raiders (perhaps you have come back from a break?) who are seeking a fresh or new start in raiding. Currently we are 2/16 heroic and 10/16 normal and are looking to move into full-time heroic Mists of Pandaria content in the near future.

Our current raid schedule is 9:30 pm to 12 pm AEST (Oceanic Server Time) 4 nights a week; Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday.

If you are interested in joining Strength and Honor please contact Boogiewoman (Roxy#1426), Demonbull (Mini#1931) or Peha (Peha#1122) in-game or visit us at http://strengthandhonor.guildlaunch.com for more information.
<Viable> is a brand new guild, level 25, with all the perks and good company that comes along with it!
Stationed on Horde - Dath'Remar, we are looking to put ourselves into the top 5 of the server.

At the moment we are a 10man guild, looking to expand into a 25man at some point in the future.

We are an Australian GMT+8 Guild with members from all over Australia.

Current Raiding Times:
Wednesday: 11pm - 2am Server Time (8-11 GMT+8)
Thursday: 11pm - 2am Server time (8-11 GMT+8)
Monday: 11pm - 2am Server Time (8-11 GMT+8)

All specs and all classes

Raid Leader - 12/16hm experience


Get in contact with Salem#1756 for more information!
Hello there,

We are currently recruiting a Shadow Priest and a Mage.

< TRIBO > has been a progression raiding guild on Nagrand for 4 years and counting. We are a mature PVE Raiding Guild that is consistently one of the most progressed on Nagrand. Almost all of our members are in their 20's and 30's and the majority are from Southeast Asia and Western Australia, with a few hailing from the US.

Tribo's first and foremost focus is 25man raiding 4 hours per night 3 nights a week on Wed, Thurs, and Sun from 11pm-3am Oceanic Server Time (8pm till midnight +8 GMT). We expect our Raiders to be able to participate in at least 75% of our scheduled 25 man raids.

Current progression is 15/16N, 2/16H.

Visit http://www.tribo-nagrand.com/forum for more information and to apply.

Good luck in your guild search.
Bump :).
sup, my name is bump

still looking for a raid team planning to go deep in 5.2!
Gday Exie and friends,

Intemperate is a mature 10-man Oceanic PVE progression guild on US-Frostmourne (Alliance). We're a relatively new guild formed midway into T14. Our core raiders have come from previous successful high-end guilds and have a wide variety of experience in endgame raiding. We run a roster of around 13-15 raiders to maintain good class balance dependent on the encounter, and rotate our raiders through farm content. You are expected to be available 80% of the time.

Current Progression

2/6 HM MSV
6/6 HOF
4/4 TOES

Current Recruitment

- 1x Healer (Paladin, Monk)
- 1x Melee (Rogue, DK)
- 2x Ranged (Open to all classes - but we have no spriest or mage core raiders currently - so your classes are highly desirable to us at this time)

Raid Days (SVT GMT+10)

- Wed: 8pm-11:30pm
- Thu: 8pm-11:30pm
- Sun: 8pm-11:30pm

contact me on Battletag @ Argantis#1524 or reply here and we can speak further if this interests or suits you.

Hi Exie & Prodigy!

My raid team is in need of 2 competent and reliable DPS. We are definitely interested in having a chat if you are. Please check out my forum thread, not quite sure if our times suit you, but I reckon there's about a half an hour in it, if I've done my maths right!! Hehe.


You can contact me via RID: Blitz#1769 otherwise please feel free to make an app on our website: j316.wowstead.com

Cheers ;)
Hey Exie,

Conclave's GMT+8 10 man team would have available raid spots for you and your friend.

We raid Wed, Thurs and Sunday 7:30pm - 10:30pm (GMT+8).

We have just formed and have a roster of 10 players.

If you would like to know more please add me and we can chat further - Addo#1551
<SpêciâL> Guild [Alliance] Dath'Remar
[A] Dath'remar US - Special PvE progression recruiting!

Special - Window licking to be left at the door!

Special (an Australian based guild) is going through a restructure to become a recognized force within the Oceanic progression raiding scene. We are providing a very unique experience for skilled players to get in at the ground level of a guild focused on progression raiding and be part of the core team!

Starting this process now, we will be in a very strong position with our core team for the upcoming 5.2 patch and the new raiding tier!

Raid Times


20:30 - 23:30 AEST (GMT +10). During progression times, raid times are subject to change. We will try and work around peoples RL schedule, but will be aiming to raid to push progression.


For more information msg me on BattleTag: AngryPanzer#6771
Hey Guys,
Storm hammer have been around on saurfang for a while and is made up of mature experienced raiders,

Due to some recruitment and attendance issues our progression for current tier has been somewhat slower then expected we are currently 6/6n msv and 2/6n hof

a few of our raiders will be moving on in the next couple of weeks and will be opening up raiding positions.

we raid monday night and wednesday night 8pm -11pm AEST

if you want to have a chat feel free to find me in game or add me on real id
Luminosity is a guild focused on heroic progression raiding through content, with a goal of becoming one of the top raiding guilds in MoP.

We are recruiting exceptional individuals to fill the following roles:
Core Group
Brewmaster Monk

Our current progression is 4/6 Heroic MsV, 2/6 Heroic HoF, 4/4 ToES.
Our raid times are Wed/Thurs/Sun/Mon 8:00-11:30pm SvT

We are currently forming a second raid group, and are looking for:
Group Two
Blood Death Knight
+Any other tank class
Elemental Shaman w/ Restoration OS
Shadow Priest w/ Healing OS


Other classes are welcome to apply as we are always on the lookout for exceptional players to strengthen our teams.

In order to apply please register at http://luminosity-barthilas.com

If you have any further questions please contact one of our officers via:


Or in game
hey there mate add me on Battle tag plz bkano05@hotmail.com. Guild is currently 5/16 hm and 16/16 n with elite protectors, i could essentially find a spot for all 3 of you, as i am implementing a rotating roster to solve problems of not having 1 single raider not online for 1 night and ruining it for every one else, although this is not a SUB spot you will all be core raiders, fight subbing will be on a fight to fight basis and will be based on 3 things, loot needs being one if you need no loot you can sit for some one who does, fight mechanics a prime example of this is hardmode wind lord the fight is made so much easier by having 2 priests for mass dispels and will also be based on performance, some nights people show up and their head just isn't in the game and they can be sat an take a break it also works to help people who may sometimes need to work overtime or have plans fall on raid nights or just feel a little burnt out and want to sit. Sorry about the long as message look forward to hearing from you
Hey mate, first of all, fantastic! Great to finally get some response from a Jubei Guild. Look forward to contacting you ingame. Just curious, what are the raid times? Nights? Thanks!

- Prodigy
Bump...still looking.

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