Spriest + Mage LF10M semi-hardcore!

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Hey bud sorry I haven't replied sooner we do 3 nights a week Thursday Sunday and Monday from 7-10pm AEST. if those times fit you and you are still interested I will e online in about 2-3 hrs if you want to chat
Hey, sorry mate bit to early for us :(. Still looking for a Guild :D!
howdy there, infusion is currently looking to rebuild our second group of raiders.
currently hunting for a few new members and positions open in all roles as of the present time.
we raid wednesday/thursday/sunday/monday 11pm svt > 2 am svt.
all 4 nights are not dire but preferred.
currently 6/6 msv 3/6 hof with attempts at others.
if you're interested add Darktalon#1864 or jump on the server and whisper this character.
we are situated on the realm Aman'thul. thanks for your time.

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