<Taint> Recruiting awesome mages. YOU!

Were looking for mages. Preferably ready for/have heroic experience.
3/6 HMSV, 6/6 HoF, 4/4 Terrace

We raid 5:30 to 8:30 PST (That's realm time! :3)
Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday

Send Pameli, Paperr or Flipz a tell in game if you're interested
I never knew I was such an awesome mage.
Well you are!
I'm a mage. Hi.
If Jugg is a mage... I'm definitely a mage.
I'm Spartacus
I'm... batman. Spot is filled but our beloved dps warrior went MIA... Now looking for tank + hybrid heals/dps for 5.2. HALP.
Awww MAN!!! Hate it when the tank goes to Vegas for "just the weekend" ..... *sigh* ... you guys are making progression interesting too :/ .... along with Fresh .. go Fresh!
Did I hear <Fresh> ? I thought we where just a casual pvp guild,. damn Andrew and him pushing for 3 raid nights a week, Cuttin into my pvp time!
grats on your guys Lei Shen kill

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