Please change the # of SoH for epic LW

Currently, a LW needs to gather 80 motes (8 spirits) to make 476 gear. By the time I do that I'll be able to get better gear anyway so what's the point? As a tailor, I only have to make silk everyday for a few days and then <BAM> I have an epic, but LW is insane. At least make motes and spirits this point I've given up.
How are you with the Tillers ? Once you get high enough with them, you can plant motes...

Currently, I am gathering from my farm about 12 motes per day (still have 4 plots to open). So between my farm and doing my dailies, I usually have between 2 and 4 SoH per day.
Thanks, Drakco! I am almost revered with Tillers. At what rep level are you able to plant motes? And is it a specific seed or? This sounds very promising. I'm certainly more hopeful. :D
You should be able to plot the seeds now. As revered the special song bell seed should be available to you on the seed vendor.

You can get about 16 motes

But honestly I just been farming, i get about 8-10 spirit of harmony per day from farming and dungeons, but this is from 10 hours of playtime so that may be difficult for you.
Yeah I can't do 10 hours a day; I wish I could! Somedays I get lots of motes and other days very few. I can plant songbell seeds now so I'm good. Thanks for all your help!

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