Hosting 3v3 Tournament w/ Unreal Prizes.

< Gladiator Training Camp > Is hosting a 3v3 tournament w/ 15k Gold Grand Prize and possible TCG loot / Battle pets for 2nd-3rd place. We only are taking the 10 top teams we find so we can keep it short and sweet. All Games will be streamed on twitch and commentated by myself and co-host.

- We will only be taking the 10 highest rated teams we can find
- We want all teams to be at-least 2200 + this season on live servers to keep games fair
- The date of the tournament is still to be announced and we have a date when all 10 teams are registered.


How do I apply? All you have to do to apply is post on this thread with the format posted below.

Team Name:
Team Players:
Highest rating live this season:

Why are the prizes so low? This is our first tournament we are hosting so far. Since we have lack of experience with the setup I would consider this the alpha. If all goes well and we have success I would consider making more in the future with higher pools of gold/tcg loot.

My friend is cross realm, can he play on my team? This has been asked a lot and we have decided to allow 1 cross realm player per team but he must consider that the gold will be divided between Arthas players.

As more questions are asked on the thread I will add answers.

Team Name: Reroll Warrior Noob
Team Players: Knox, Sgrubghttei, Apsco
Highest rating live this season: 2500
Team Name: wo sup
Team Players: Momoomoose, Cbit, Fixatez
Highest rating live this season: 2300
Bumping Thread To The Top!!

When we have all 10 teams picked/registered we will announce the date/bracket so you can prepare. Brackets will be released at least 1 week ahead.
NEED MORE TEAMS. really want to sched for starting of February!
bump ^_>
Sorzh , you are a kind person for bumping my thread. I love to hate you and hate to love you. You are one of a kind my friend.
Team Name: shooting for glad. will accept duelist.
Team Players: Totemofwrath, Ducksauce, Sauriax
Highest rating live this season: 1600 (might seem low but please keep in mind we are trying our best and will probably be 1700 by the end of the season)
TOTEMOFWRATH!?!?!?! SAURIAX ?!?!?! Like from this

probably one of my fav meta rage videos eva
2150 Fire/WW/Disc

All players are 2400 xp. Hit us up.

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