Ret Hybrid Tax Still Exists ?


Looking at that image of SimulationCraft numbers, it's pretty easy to see that there's still a hybrid tax--whether by accident or design. 1H Windwalker Monks and Enhancement Shaman being the only outliers, every other DPS spec from a hybrid class is in the bottom 50% of DPS potential. It seems like we're being hamstrung by our perceived "utility".

Simulations do not display what actually happens. Simulations don't tell you when to pop your CDs. There are so many things left out of simulations that it just isn't accurate to base your argument on it.
Hybrid tax is still a thing.

source: The lack of hybrid dps in 3v3 arena ladders.

Lolpriests don't count.
Actually I don't even think there ever was one really(I mean in wrath).

Yeah, pretty much. They intended for there to be a hybrid tax, but tuning everything within a few percent is hard enough without also trying to make sure certain specs are exactly a few percent behind other specs, so the hybrid tax was mostly a theoretical construct. And differences in player skill/gear/circumstances/etc tend to overwhelm a 5% gap in theoretical top-end DPS anyway.
the only time I have heard anyone say it doesn't exist is from hybrids no developer has ever confirmed or denied it's continued existence.
as for the 5% number it was never really given a number they just said it is an amount that can be overcome by skill and/or gear.
I thought I read or heard a comment somewhere when GC said something about hybrids should not put out as much damage as the pure dps classes. I will do some research and see if I can find it again.
I don't know if this is still true but I found this from WoW Insider October 27th 2009.

Ghostcrawler has put a significant sticky up on the forums about what he calls the "hybrid tax" in terms of PvE play -- there's been some back and forth lately on the forums about hybrid classes and what they should and shouldn't be able to do, and GC wants to put any confusion about what Blizzard intends "hybrids" to be to rest. Very basically, he says that there are three roles in the game (tanking, healing, and DPS), and if a class can respec to perform a different role, it's considered a hybrid class. Otherwise, it's a "pure" class. This means a few things: pure classes, he says, should have slightly higher DPS ("all things being equal," and when does that ever happen?), because they don't have the option to switch out. There's no rule as to how much better that is, but as a tradeoff of rerolling being the only way for "pures" to switch, they get to be a little better. That's the "hybrid tax," and mages, hunters, rogues, and warlocks don't have to pay it.

I guess there was one, but I have no idea if it is still in use.
The general gist, is that they want all dps specs to be within 5% of each other.

Which is hard to do because not every fight is the same, has the same mechanics or favors every class/spec equally.
What was the amount gain for original hybrid tax..%?, well if rets dps isn't within the that % of the top dps classes then I'd say the tax is live and well.

GC is quoted as saying 5%. And if you note, arcane mages and affliction warlocks are 10-13% above all other classes at the moment. So if you are going to go with that theory, then every pure DPS class besides mages and warlocks are experiencing a very noticeable hyrbid tax.

Yes, it sounds stupid. Yes, you're wrong.

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