Ret Survival problems

I cant tell if its just me or not but i just get blown up by almost every melee class in the game. I use defensives and offheal but its not enough. I have 64.72% resil and still get globaled. It only really happens in 2s so im not sure if its the !@#$ty balancing of the 2s bracket or if im doing something wrong. Any advice?
Do 3's.
i have never ever been globaled in 2s
I dont really do arenas much other other than to cap out points sometimes so take my words with a gain of salt, but I have rarely had issues getting smashed down immediately without time to at least try to recover.

Are you swapping to seal of insight when youre getting focused? Those procced heals may seem small, but between those and the increased 5% to your other heals it can sometimes be the small edge that buys you enough time get out of a focused attack.
Ret lacks the passive defenses of other melee, you will always feel really squishy going toe to toe with them.

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