How does the Paladin differ from the Warrior?

Pallies have cooler xmogs imo, i like the style of our armor, esp t1, t2 (darkmoon faire) and t6; the golden glow of it makes me feel like some sort of king (plus u get a crown in t6 lol). Pally spells also have alot of flair to them visually, youll definitely feel like the "wielder of the light" youre supposed to be.

Gameplay wise pallies are very different from warriors, we have alot more ranged attacks but less gap closers. Our off heals are much better in the sense that theyre more "on demand" but often mean sacrificing holy power that couldve been used for an attack (rather than having the passive effect of second wind). We have great resistance vs slows and roots but not as much vs stuns and fears (Warriors can get out of fears more easily with that 45 sec cd i forget the name of). Our damage feels average outside of burst (in which its very good) but im not really an expert. Ive only been Prot and ret as a pally and only fury and arms (mostly fury) as a warrior but from that i can say that their rotations are very different

Alot of people on these forums complain about pallies but its hard for me to take anything without a grain of salt when even the forums for the supposedly OP classes have their share of complaints. Im currently dissatisfied with pvp on my paladin, but im also a fresh 90 with only crafted pvp gear who isnt at all a pro at the class. The complaints feel discouraging, but i really still like the class and want to be good at it, if not purely because of its style. The only thing i really dislike about our rotation is keeping up inquisition...its not that its of great difficulty to do, its just kind of a nuisance and feels like another button to press when i feel like that damage could somehow be given to us passively. Thats just me though, i know some classes have it worse with "upkeep" spells but its just not something i enjoy.
I think if you're considering going holy in the long run then RET is a great way to level a paladin as an alt. The first think that will be quite different from your Fury warrior is you'll start to realize to play to your and your groups highest potential you will be focused on helping people in your group with the tools of the class.

The Warrior has tunnel vision when you play it, the paladin (even ret) needs to have a broader view of the battlefield. Many of your clutch abilities can be casted on others, this means you make plays happen in a group that couldn't without you. Our off heals, our hand spells and some of our defensive cooldowns can really help a group in pve or pvp.

The downside is that you don't murder someone (or an enemy) and immediately pick a target then go murder them. I belive warrior leveling to be super easy and ret leveling to be a little more annoying and slower unless you have heirloom gear at which point leveling anything is pretty easy.
seems like its getting pretty heated in here lol

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