WTB: Level 25 guild

I'm looking to purchase a level 25 guild for in game gold on this server. Please respond if you have one that you're looking to sell.

Thank you.
Still looking.
Still looking.
Horde or Alliance?
Contact me ingame, I may know someone
Vlalkor has a good lead for me but nothing concrete yet. Still looking.
Still looking.
still looking? let me know
I may have a deal in the works with someone off server, if the guild is on this server and has a high amount of achievement points and 7+ tabs I may still be interested.
I'm selling mine, but sadly it's horde. Also inactive, just came back from 4 month break and am transferring.
You still looking for a guild?
Possibly, would have to have at least 7 or 8 tabs in order for me to be interested. What have you got?

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