What can Holy pally do to help offense in pvp

Currently, one tick of rdruid's rejuvenation heals denounce, one tick of single stack lifebloom heals judgment. And I think trying to help with damage is often a waste of mana, cooldown, in case of holy shock, and GCD, not to mention that casting denounce leave you vulnerable to lockdown.

I think things I can do to help offense would be more of an indirect effort, like CCing healers(but then blinding light and repentance is getting nerfed) and keeping teammates mobile with dispels and hand of freedom. And of course, healing them well, so that they don't have to go defensive.

Any other ideas?
If you are talking about arena;

Honestly ill say this i have found it more worth my while to sit at max range and not denounce in a 3vs3. Unless i know i can do it safely (which is hardly ever). Best way to help your team in a situation like this is to hoj/rep one of the dps if you can, ccing is better than doing dmg bc by ccing a dps it prevents that dps to use his/her peels.

Try to save blinding light if you can when fighting mages and rogues for defensive use only. BC sometimes your entire team may be in a ring of frost and you need a peel instantly otherwise you are dead.

edit: my motto in arena is "Only use big plays if your team absolutely needs them" meaning dont do things that put you at risk bc paladins die so fast against any kind of stun lock/silence combo.
Denounce prevents critical strikes. Against a frost mage, it can be pretty powerful, so its not really a waste of GDC just because you are not killing someone.

Holy Prism does some crazy damage as well with buffs since it scales only with SP and it is already one of hardest hitting ability for ret. It will still heal players when doing damage, so not really a big waste either.

And Blinding Light its getting nerfed? Really? LOL

And Blinding Light its getting nerfed? Really? LOL

Yeah, it's gonna have 1.8 sec casting time D:

And Blinding Light its getting nerfed? Really? LOL

Yeah, it's gonna have 1.8 sec casting time D:

Only for Holy, thankfully. I still dont get why, it is still limited in comparison with fears, hexes and cyclones. I just wish they made the whole cc talent tier baseline for ret/prot (FoJ only for Holy). Ret utility will get better with more reliable cc, a new talent tier for improvement can be made and Holy doesnt get out of control with its cc chain. It isnt such a big deal in random BGs anyway, since people cant control themselves and just AoE everything (repetance animation doesnt help neither), breaking both BL and Rep.

But at least ret isnt suffering from those changes.
getting good cc's out and staying in a good postion is a better play in 3s then just randomly denoucing. BUT denoucing isnt bad. dps with cooldowns up making them not be able to crit. denoucing a healer during some big burst on a dps will stop 150k flash of lights into 160k e.flames (just using holy pally numbers dont know much others).

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