Blinding Light & Fart Emote Macro

Does anyone know if the fart emote is readable by the opposite faction? You know the one I'm talking about, right? "You brush up against XX and fart loudly!" Can the opposing faction read that or will it be gibberish from another language. I'm thinking it is emote, so it should go through.

Seeing how the new blinding light has been changed to a 1.8 second cast for a melee ranged aoe blind effect, I think it is only appropriate to macro the fart emote to my BL.

Seeing how I will never use this ability defensively anymore, and with the super long cast, I will only be able to use it on people who are rendered completely helpless, and that I can walk right up to them.

Oh the terror of knowing that I am not only going to extend the CC chain, but also that I am going to fart in their general direction, only begins to encapsulate how I feel about this change.
Default emotes are readable by the opposite faction. It only turns into gibberish if you write one yourself.

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