Affix stream! Moonkin/Mage with Cirranis


reading chat if you have any questions!
It's a picture of an elephant what

don't hurt it

I wasn't trolling you were on some website that had a picture of an elephant where it was saying to not hurt it I'm 100% serious
i have no idea what that is :O
and i thought i was gonna get some sleep tonight.... heh. foolish me..

edit: jk.. the internet here stinks real bad. getting like 1 frame per minute -_- good luck, i look forward to watching it when im back home and my interwebs can handle it.
Your skype came up multiple times in a previous broadcast, you'll need this
Nice! I was wondering when you would start streaming.
01/07/2013 02:22 AMPosted by Smoovie

thanks! although I'm probably going to just get xsplit premium or whatever it's called and probably just stream my screen region + block chat + show whatever music i'm playing.

01/07/2013 09:25 AMPosted by Esmee
Nice! I was wondering when you would start streaming.

I still don't feel like I'm playing MoP very well yet but I figure having people watching to talk !@#$ about my mistakes will help the process along :) Starting late has been difficult.
queuing WMS for a little bit
now with 100% more elephants
i lied! i gotta go :(
the elephants were uneven.
f u
it begins
streaming now?
hmm, keeps crashing, sec!
not sure what's up but can't get it working now, another time :(
not sure if i screwed up or stream is being a jerk.

theres a 60% chance i screwwed up, but stream is no working :'(

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