Want to start raiding but can't commit?

Guild Recruitment
<Disruption> was a reroll guild started in December of 2012. We've reached a point where we're ready to begin raiding and would like to enhance our raiding roster before we begin. At this time we are recruiting alternate raiders. This position is perfect for anyone who cannot commit to a raid schedule but would still like the ability to raid.

Right now, our goal is to progress casually at maximum level and remain a small social, casual and drama-free guild.

Raiding: We have two core groups running during weekdays.
(Monday and Wednesday | Tuesday and Thursday)
•Raid will be at 9:00PM EST and finish at 12:00AM EST

Recruitment (Updated 01/07/13):
Group 1 (Tues/Thurs)
Accepting alternate raiders for all roles

Group 2 (Wed/Mon)
1 Melee/Core Group - Any class except for WW Monk
Accepting alternate raiders for all roles

Insider Info!
•We have a 25 slot Ventrilo.
•We have an awesome looking website which our members are active on! (disrupted.enjin.com)
•We are... well how can I put this... special! (Friendly, social, nice, active)

If you are interested post how to contact you on here or whisper me in game.
I'll be on all day. Come talk to me : )
We don't mind teaching you the raids.
Would you be at all interested in a DK Tank who is just starting out?
If you're willing to have a dps off spec please message me in game
Sure. I actually have more Frost gear than Tanking gear right now but I really love to Tank. I'm at work right now ( Shhhhhhh don't tell anyone ). I'll have to send you a message when I get home tongiht.
Lol my lips are sealed. I'll talk to you then.
Lunch was good..i'm back in game
Here's a bump for you and a question? are these 10man or 25man groups?
we have two 10m groups
bump for raiding
Nows your chance to get in with a great fun group of people
Almost time for dinner..if i'm not there i will be back soon
Back online
wanna start raiding in mop?
add my readID, I've got a few questions if ya don't mind. (ryan.wilson13@hotmail.ca)
Be in game to talk to you soon
Would love to talk with ya add Vesu#1707 or vesu16@yahoo.com to RI, really interested in getting back into raiding took a month off of wow due to RL issues and now my life is back under control
Would love to talk to you. I sent you a battletag request in game.

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