Are you <Insane> ?

Greetings!! I'm in desperate need of a few Insane people who are currently farming, or who'd like to start farming Rep for the <Insane> title! For those of you who don't know what this title requires, follow this link :

This title is clearly for the Insane, but I want it anyway. Currently I'm farming bloodsail reputation, and it's DRAGGING! The fastest way to gain Bloodsail rep is to kill Booty Bay guards! Anyone interested? I can provide a healer, and a ranged dps. I need a tank, and possibly another dps, and hell, anyone who's interested.

Cross realm is perfectly fine with myself, and my friends. If interested, please put a reply, and we can get in touch :) Thanks!!
If you can't find anyone to do the guards the fasted way is here, ( ).
It may take away if your hated with them but goes by fast if your just unfriendly. I would recommend doing this while you wait for anyone else to answer just to get you started. I would offer myself to help you but have already just finished that grind and currently working on getting the goblin rep back. Tell me when you get there and I can help you grind that rep since that will take the longest to do and I'm still working on getting out of hated.

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