Post your favorite pet!

I've had this hunter since vanilla and just looking back at some nostalgic moments with this bro and I thought of my favorite pet that has been with me!

To my Red hyena Banzai even when they turned you into a mastiff I was able to reclaim you!

Would love to hear everyone else's pet
my favorite pet is loque nahak
Terrorpene, Karkin, Skarr, Acronis.... the 4 most beautiful pets in existence
Obsidian, my black devilsaur
Sunwukong, my monkey
and Fluffy, my crocolisk.
I was about to post this thread, damn it!

It'd actually have to be my red mastiff.

They aren't the best for PvP, but I like it. Especially Lock Jaw combined with Rabid with Cobra Strikes.

I feel like I need to link my favorite models.
Still new to the Hunter game (level 40), but thus far my favourite pets are as follows:

Fábio the Fox
Radamel the Brown Hawk (Bird of Prey), re-specc’ed to Tenacity
Zlatan the Sabretooth (Cat)
Özil the Weevil (Beetle)

Not into PVP yet so I haven’t tried any cunning specialization pets yet. I will say that, despite taming Shadras and having an awesome-looking spider, the 40 second cool-down for web kills the chances of my using the pet.
1. Loque

2. Skoll

3. Arcturis

4. Skarr

5. Sambas
Well, despite its talent having a 40 second cooldown, I found myself taming a Plaguehound as soon as I hit the Eastern Plaguegrounds because they look so awesome. Named him Gattuso.
Oil-Stained Wolf.
I love my Pandaren tigers.

Do I really have to choose one?

Well if so, brown one is really nice. There's never been a Cat quite that colour before.
My wolf, Rocky. Named after my dog before he passed away. He lives on forever as my pup of doom however!!!!
All the Chimera's except the aweful colored yellow one in Blade's Edge Mountains.

Scarr is pretty awesome too.
The regular lions you find in the barrens, so pure and simple and it was the first pet I ever used =).
Skewer, my ravager.
Was my first pet I tamed in Outland (I joined wow shortly after the release of BC) and I had him all the way till I started to raid somewhat seriously in Wrath. I would Eyes of the Beast huge packs of mobs in places such as SM and AoE them down to help lowbies grind. I pvped with him to doing heroics or even just the daily grind.

Even nowadays he's part of my stampede lineup and I occasionally bring him out to do dailies or fill the "increased physical damage taken" debuff if needed. Quite frankly the only pet I'm sentimental about.
My favorite pet is King krush, I remember back in the burnig crusade when I started playing as I was leveling up in ungoro crater, I always had the feeling that a devilsaur could pop from no where and kill me, it happened to me a couple of times and made me quite paranoid, so we have kind of a story, when they introduce decilsaurs as pets I was really happy and first thing I did was catch one
I am loving these stories! I remember when warpstalkers became a pet in BC. It was really awesome to tame one of those guys that would just pop out of no where!
Even though I like all of my pets, my number one will always be Zero, my grimtotem spirit wolf. It was my favorite tame because I had the luck to be a troll and a leatherworker which allowed me to solo tame him. Spell haste gem, haste drums, and berserking under 25% health (back then the amount of haste you got depended on how much health you had.) and after a couple of false starts, finally got him.

I'm glad they brought back the model as a spirit beast so other hunters have a chance at taming such a unique looking pet.
My Ghostpaw Wolf, Weiss. For he is the greatest pet ever.

Because when you pull the entire room in Scarlet Cathedral by attacking Mograine, and killing him with the room on you. You earn your valor.
Everyone enjoys my Graboid. Especially when I pop BW and Stampede (Glyphed)

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