Violet hold

Hi guys, I've been trying to help a few rello's get some cheevs Champion of the Frozen Wastes and we need to get into Violet hold but everytime we try to zone it in kicks us out. I even logged in my other toon which I knew had the key from waaaaay back even though its no longer needed but still we were kicked out.

Anyone know what could be the problem, we are 3 lvl 90-'s and are unable to use the DF to enter.

Any help would be great :D
Are you getting an "Entered too many instances recently" message? If so you probably have entered too many instances recently. (Something like 5 per hour on your account. Try again in a bit.)
Many thanks that may have been it. I just logged and I was able to enter now.

I had entered quite a few instances before we went in chasing the Achiev's. I didnt even know that could happen lol. I never got a msg telling me I had entered too many however, that maybe because of the way my UI is. I have set up so I only see relevent raid warnings etc.

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