Archeaology 199/200

As most of you have already ran into this situation whilst on your digs throughout Azeroth, Outland, Northrend and Pandaria, I do not understand this 199/200 whilst getting fragments from various races, It's supposed to complete a puzzle is it not, the keystones that are supposed to solve the fragments prove unusable as well, though I've accquired over 50 of them...getting pissed off, I naturally sold them...and yet you cannot carry anymore once you're one fragment below the maximum number, does this mean I cannot solve the fragments' history and have it noted in my Archeaology sub-section of my professions page? ...I do not understand why it simply will not let me pick up one fragment...any insight into this is appreciated.
You need to click on the icon for a type of fragment in your archaeology profession screen to see the artifact you're working on and click the solve button. The solves don't happen automatically.

Here's a WoWhead guide with the basics:

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