Tracking auto-gold perk?

Ok guys lemme explain this :

In my guild we want to put a system of reward every week, by players activities.

Our goal is to get player to get more active so we could have more fun all together.

I found a good idea (i think XD) that every week the highest activity player receive 20% of all generated gold from the auto-loot. but i want to give only from the benefit the guild get from this auto-loot gold perk.

To make this i need a way to keep track from the gold perk.

So my question, is there any add-on or else method to do so?

Thanks for answering!
Something to consider - which was also mentioned around the time guild rep came out:

Jim - logs on every day, does not quest, farms herbs and makes 100 flasks per day for guild raiding.
Mike - logs on every day, completes dailies, does nothing else.

The auto-loot system (similar to the guild rep system) favors Mike, simply because he's killing mobs and doing quests, despite Jim being more helpful overall.

I also believe (I may be wrong) that the higher levels earn more gold per mob. So a level 10 that gets to level 20, would earn like 10c per mob (1c to the bank) and a level 68 that goes to 69 would earn like 10s per mob (1s going to the bank) - again favoring the higher level. Let's not forget the level 85s-90s that solo old raids or heroics, earning a few gold per mob - something low levels cannot do.

I think your intent is good, but IMO the system is not very favorable to low levels or non-questers.
I also think it would be tough to track unless you had every guild member use an addon that said how much they looted. I don't believe the guild money log shows contributions from the perk (could you imagine after an instance run? whew).
I need almost the same thing, like a addon or site that tracks members and the gold contribution from challenge guild week and/or loots.
Any tips?

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