OSWP [A] LF Tanks and 1 Melee DPS

Guild Recruitment
We are ready to reimburse the tank positions via paypal for server or faction change after 3 weeks (we dont want to pay for you not to play) of raiding if necessary.

We are currently 6/6 MSV after 2 weeks of progression together and were about to start HoF until we lost our main tanks after the holiday season. We are looking for 2 tanks and possibly 1 melee DPS (pref druid, warrior, monk) for our 10m core raid group. We're laid back but competitive and want to push normal content clear with some heroic content. Accordingly, we require that all players know their classes, gem/enchant properly, and are very raid aware.

We also require that you're mature (18+ - average age is mid twenties), can handle constructive criticism (like I said we're not elitists, but we always try to help each other out), do your homework (read fight strats, read up on your class, etc), 90+% raid attendance (we know stuff happens but be there otherwise). Our group is comprised of post military and post college individuals (current player age range 23 - 50) with jobs and families so we do appreciate a courtesy if not able to make raids as we value our fun time. Also a sense of humor is great as well. One thing I can guarantee is that if you have a sense of humor you will have fun with us raiding.

Ideally, you're a seasoned raider, but we will take serious new players who want to get into raiding.. You can email me at redi4axion(at)yahoo.com or log into our server and look for Sleshlight, (or any characters that start with "Slesh" or "Sanden" in guild), Valorfist, Ultimo or Sanden. Thanks and looking forward to raiding with you!

raid times: Mon/Thurs 7-10:30 est
server: Mannoroth PVP - good pop, easy to pug for raids/pvp, good economy
need: Tanks (any), Melee DPS (pref warrior druid monk)
us: cool, laid back and competent
you: the same

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