5.2 Jewel Crafting

I was wondering if there are any plans for new epic quality crafted necks and rings in 5.2 with haunting spirits and some for blood spirits and even some 476 ones with harmony would be much welcome

and give engineering a bit of love as well with a crafted gun helm or trinket with new epic cogwheels mad out of the new steel
clearly no1 cares oh well
Not a lot of forum activity between 2am to 8am est, patience is a virtue.

However, I highly doubt we will see any new crafted jewelry in 5.2, doesn't fit the jewelcrafting MO. Beyond entry level jewelry at the start of the expansion, jewelcrafting is entirely a consumable profession meant to cut gems. It is also traditionally the most profitable profession. So it really doesn't need to craft usable gear in addition to the 68 cuts it already has available to post on the AH.
this seems to the model i just miss being able to actually make something u can equip i remember the old epics we used to make many expansions ago /tear
id like to see JC actually be useful besides having 2 big gems. i want raid-quality rings n stuff
01/11/2013 11:52 AMPosted by Boxxer
id like to see JC actually be useful besides having 2 big gems. i want raid-quality rings n stuff

That will probably never happen. Besides JC is already one of the most useful professions everyone needs gems.
yes everyone needs gems..but it's nickles and dimes compared to letherworking and blacksmithing profits from using their spirits of harmony. the mounts, i can't make !@#$ off those. all the pieces can be purchased. give us a couple of necklaces or rings that require spirits of harmony.
I've been a JC for quite some time.. it's well.. actually I love all my professions except engineering which gets screwed every x-pac...*sigh* But, seriously I do agree that JC's should get something more.. Expecially with MoP there really isn't that big of a demand on gems.. Unless people are getting LFR and NMR gear, and not even then, do people even need many gems... it seems as if this patch that way too much of the gear is socketless.. I always enjoyed and prided myself that on every level I can with alts I enchant, gem and armor my gear... 5.2.. from 85 until 90 what happened? Nothing you don't need gems.. Heroic runs for lvl 90's? nothing.. unless you get a helm.. other than that it's an almost useless profession now.. The mounts you can't sell for jack crap because why would you get anything when people can buy all the mats and give them to you.. now you're just working off a tip... I feel as if i'm getting tired of being a JC.. I thought I only hated my engineer but now it's going the same way with my JC.. Give us some raid quality recipes.. JC is a prominant profession the same as LW, BS, and Tailoring..
I just think that not only is engineering the WoW redheaded step-child, but now it has an identical twin...
Eng, JC, Inscrip, and Alch do not tend to get upgraded craftable equipment. Sadly, this does much to make those using them feel ignored when all those patterns drop in raids, or when new daily areas have patterns, etc. It's an old system, that seems not to be on the list of things to get looked at. It's not like getting gold from a profession is really that great anymore, considering how easy it is to go out and get several hundred gold anymore (most gems are in the 20-40 gold range on my server... and with the Golden Fleece I can get 100s extra in one set of dailies easily.)

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