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Are there any guilds out there on any servers that are actually active and do things with their members instead of "advertise" as being a functioning active lvl 25 guild? i would seriously like to find one and id even consider a server transfer to be in a good guild like that i mean it really bugs me that they are mostly all dead on my "home" server.
I think all the guilds advertising are active and good. The problem I think tends to lay in the player base that is looking for free handouts and to only join the best of the best guilds.

People these days can't seem to grasp that not every guild is going to be a super fast never wipe progression guild.

Don't blame the guilds, blame the people looking for free loots and an easy ride.

However to your point, we raid, actively. We're just NOT a top 100 guild, so of course recruiting a new player is virtually impossible.

Hand of Palandine is RECRUITING

We’re a 25 player Alliance raiding guild located on the Perenolde server. Our guild was formed on December 9th, 2004. We’re currently re-opening our recruitment.

We’re looking for players that understand raiding is a commitment made to a group of 24 other players. We understand that not everyone will be able to attend ever raid, as from time to time real life issues creep up, we’re willing to work with that as long as you communicate with us the days you will not be able to attend.

We’re definitely not interested in players that only raid for themselves and whenever they decide they think they should log on.

As an incentive to players that are substantially further progressed than our current progress, their server transfers costs will be covered.

If you happen to be further progressed and actually don’t mind helping others, we’re definitely interested in you.

Below is a list of classes we would like to bolster our raid team with. We do not need all that is listed below, but it would be nice have additional players for days others cannot attend raids.

If you are worried about not being a CORE raider, we believe in rewarding players who performance and attendance is solid, basically your spot is yours to earn and keep.

We are looking for:
[1] Tank (warrior, death knight, monk or druid)
[1] Off-spec tank (any class)

[1] Monk
[2] Shaman
[1] Paladin
[1] Druid
[2] Priest (holy & disc)

[Melee DPS:]
[1] Rogue
[1] Shaman

[Ranged DPS:]
[2] Priest
[1] Druid
[1] Shaman

Even though I've listed a pretty specific set of classes we are looking for, I encourage anyone looking for a new guild to get in contact with me.

Our raid times:
[Tuesday] 7:00 - 9:00PM (or later) MST - (9-11pm EST, 6-8pm PST)
[Wednesday] 7:00 - 9:00PM (or later) MST - (9-11pm EST, 6-8pm PST)
[Thursday] 7:00 - 9:00PM (or later) MST - (9-11pm EST, 6-8pm PST)
[Sunday] 7:00 - 9:00PM (or later) MST - (9-11pm EST, 6-8pm PST)

Current Progression:
[25] Mogu'Shan Vaults - 4/6
[25] Heart of Fear - 1/6
[10] Mogo'Shan Valuts - 6/6
[10] Heart of Fear - 1/6

If you are interested feel free to contact me in game via battletag:


Yeah i totally understand what you mean about the players who are just looking for free handouts, I'm just looking for a guild that has more than 6 active member at a time lol. Like what ever happened to getting into a big raid party and raiding something other than a raid instance. this game is huge and has thousand upon thousands of players for a reason, most of them on Galakrond seem very unsocial. Its definately not the Galakrond it used to be like 3 years ago or so, it used to be crawling with toons, guilds were actually active in the community, there were guild wars out in the open fields. it was glorious! Now your lucky if you see enemies out in the open world that arent npc's :( just saddens me i guess that the server seems to have died i guess.
as you can tell from how my toons are equipped if you can see that im not that into pvp, its hard to get enchants unless you get them yourselves, the AH is super inflated, its just sad i guess that you basically have to live on server to work up the gold to get something nice off of there. im not looking for handouts from a guild im just looking for a guild that could possibly help me get geared with information not with the actual gear itself or the enchants, i'd work for the mats for the chants i needed or the gems, not saying i just want it for free. but a little assistance would help out a lot

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