[A] 7/16H - Late Nght 10m LFM - 9 Hrs/Week

Indecent Exposure is a brand new semi-hardcore guild made up of long time raiders with progression in mind. We are a late night 10m striving to push heroic content at our own pace with a competitive and fun attitude.

Raid Times:
Tuesday 9pm - 12am PST
Wednesday 9pm - 12am PST
Thursday 9pm - 12am PST

We may schedule additional raid nights during progression.

Roster is currently looking for very skilled Elemental Shamen with Resto offspec and Disc Priests with Shadow offspec. But always looking for excellent players of any kind to recruit and rotate into main group.

Any questions please contact Rennexx, Berianther (or anyone else from guild really as we're all pretty close) in game! Or head to our website at www.indecentexposurepm.enjin.com

Currently 5/6H 2/6H 4/4
Still looking for ranged dps or other exceptionally skilled players.
YAY we got Heroic Blade Lord Down.
Bump for heroic windlord
Wind Lord Heroic Down next up Garalon.
Also looking for a pally or dk tank!
Noting again our interest in selectively adding some depth to our roster, most notably in terms of ranged DPS, as well as a tank type with a strong DPS offset.

In the month that this guild has been raiding together as a unit, we've accomplished 7/16 heroic, on only 9 hours per week - which implies quite a favorable pull:progression ratio. We're looking for experienced and class-savvy raiders who share a similar "focus time" approach to that 9 hours while also enjoying both the give and take of a bit of jest over vent, as well as being open to constructive criticism and always striving to improve from week to week.

We feel this guild is rare in what it offers in terms of caliber both for this particular late-night time slot and for such a lean hours-per-week commitment.

If interested, feel free to check the roster here, and message any Rank3-Rank1 members in game to get some discussion going.
YUP YUP just wanna say we have killed Spirit Kings now as well so that brings it to 7/16. Still looking for that ranged.
Yarrrr, heh. What's considered by some to be the trickiest heroic in MV - down in 6 pulls (not counting that one where Rennexx gnome-torpedo-rolled right into Qiang's 'sack while we were moving into position....)
Hello my friends!
Bump it up yo!
Mage, 'lock, Hunter, Elemental.

Got the required caffeine for this time slot?
Hello again people of Proudmoore needs have changed, still looking for that special elemental who likes resto as well. But now also looking for a Disc Priest with a great shadow interest.
I'm on that new god flow.
Still in need of a Shaman!
hello. im lookin for a progressive late night raiding guild. vanilla player and skilled. quit after WotLK and returned for MoP. i am interested in getting serious about raiding again. and my work schedule only allows me to be committed to raid after 9PM, which makes it difficult for me to find great raiding guilds in my server. so i am venturing out into other realms to see the possibilities. heres a lil bit of the FoS i was able to attain in the past to show my dedication http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/tichondrius/Fredstar/achievement#81:a2187

unfortunately, i'm only iLvl 481 Elemental MS/PvP Resto OS, due to having to level 1-90 during the opening of MoP as a Mage, then deciding i really wanted to play a shaman again.. so i leveled this toon. it caused me to join in a lil late, but i am ready for 5.2. i have a great understanding of the mechanics of the game. BattleTag:FreddyFresh#1346

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