[A] Blood Faith 2/12 Heroic ToT recruiting.

Blood Faith 2/12 Heroic ToT is currently looking for one or more of the following:

A tank.
Any kind of dps.
A non druid/shaman healer.

Working on heroics.
We are a level 25 guild with a 10 man raid and are looking to fill up a spot or two.
The most important thing is that you can make it on time. Need someone ready to go at the start time on raid days.

We raid Mon/Wed/Thurs from 7-10PST.
We give flasks and feasts. You just need some potions.
Guild repairs for raiders.

Message or mail Mallard or Kungfayze in game if you are interested.
Please ignore his name.
I actually miss a lot of whispers so if you mail me I will add you to my friends.

We are an adult guild with adult language sometimes.
I am nice and will be your friend.

I think that is all.
Ok, we killed another boss.
01/16/2013 10:14 PMPosted by Mallard
Ok, we killed another boss.

Same thing.
Have an immediate opening for a healer right now.

Killed Lei Shi guy on heroic now.
Updated for new raid. Looking for one person to fit in please.
Are you still looking?
Yes. Still looking.

If you know how to show up on time you have a high chance of making it.
Looking for a tank or dps.
Looking for someone to join up this week and beyond. Free kills.
How about neato WW Monk?

I'm a swell guy too
Corn bread.
Best MF NA.
Looking for someone again.
Have immediate openings. :(
Considering a transfer over here...

Let me know if you're interested, here's my thread.

I could easily make your times, I'm reliable, I'm rusty but I'm more than capable.

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