Hpally stat priorities? PvP

Hey guys, I've been looking around and I've been getting different suggestions all over the place.

Is it;

Spirit > Mastery > Haste > Crit

Also curious about gemming PvP Power vs Resilience.
For me, its pretty simple. Its about Spirit and Mastery only.

On gear with both, dont touch it. On gear with Spirit and Haste/Crit, reforge to Mastery. And on gear with Mastery + Crit/Haste, reforge Crit/Haste to Spirit.

Red socket = Brilliant Primordial Ruby

As far as balancing PVP Power vs Res, well on blue socket, you go PVP power with Mysterious Imperial Amethyst. And on Yellow socket, Resilience with Willful Vermilion Onyx.

Good luck

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