just wondering

why do holy paladins have the chance to spec 30sec cd 6second stuns?
Well you see... our t2 talent choices allow us to choose either Repentance, Fist of Justice, or Burden of Guilt
This isn't spec specific.

That should have answered your question.
no, i mean i dont think holy paladin should be able to spec 30sec cd stuns
Oh, well isn't that just a travesty?

What do you suppose they put in its place, because many Holy paladins are using Repentance.

There is nothing wrong with Holy Paladins being able to spec into Fist of Justice. It is in the CC tier, and they lose the option to spec into repentance by doing this for an improved HoJ.

I don't see the problem, may you enlighten us kind sir?
Because they can.

The problem is that holy paladins are harder to kill with talents. So, we should make sure Blizzard takes the talent tree away for balance.


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