Could Rets Use More Healing?

Yeah I'll probably be going holy for 5.2. Everyone wanted me when I was holy. Even the people I played with in RBGs/Arena are like ehhhh you're ret no no thanks.

Been holy since I started playing and decided to switch it up. WELL THAT WAS A MISTAKE lol

This is exactly what I'm talking about! Why are we being passed up, and forced to play holy to get into the competitive scene? If we had hands-down the BEST burst in the game, I could cope with our terrible survivability; but we don't. If we had great survivability, I could understand lackluster damage (prot?)

The fact is that our survivability plain sucks! The ret community is suffering for it! Are we simply going to be abandoned like warriors were in cataclysm? With ZERO warriors on any comp in the season's finals? Honestly it shows a dispicable lack of consideration for the playerbase; both competitive and casual. This is a slap in the face.

How can you sit by and watch us stumble aimlessly, as we try to succeed with a broken spec? Do we mean that little to you Blizzard?

A little love, we beg it of you.

Ret's defensives either need a serious reworking, or our healing needs a serious boost; I personally cannot continue to enjoy this game as it is.
The only reason you bring ret to arena is because they have high burst with cds, and the rest of the time they provided relatively strong support/offheals

Because we now have weak self-heals, weak off-heals, and are heavily susceptible to cc, we have been forced to take Sacred Shield for what little survivability it provides

In 5.2 pvp power gives 25% increased heals (but we stack resil), Self-cast EF is increased, but still not really worth it, Selfless healer is being nerfed to 40/60/80 (fairly certain i am wrong on those numbers, but too lazy to look up the blue post) to compensate for the 50% buff to Flash of Light healing in Ret spec

Basically looks like they want us to take Sacred Shield for self-survivability and still provide relatively strong offheals with the few FoL we can get off b4 going oom.

I personally am really looking forward to 5.2, I think its a step in the right direction considering how Ghostcrawler is tip-toe'ing around balancing Ret's sustained damage in pvp
Well Flash of Light really is recieving a small buff now, if you think about it. The numbers are 20/40/60 for the stacks respectively, and with a 50% base healing boost to Ret that factors out to 110% at 3 stacks.
This is before you even factor in the 25% increased healing to hybrids in 5.2.
So right now the stacks are 33/66/100 with no increase or bonus to healing. It's not so much of a nerf to SH's off-healing bonus as it is just plain balancing it. I mean, 150% healing bonus at 3 stacks? That seems crazy even to me. Crit that? Holy balls, a free Lay On Hands. With another 25% extra healing? Wow.

Pretty great if you ask me. Glad these changes are being added, and I can only pray that they remain in the patch notes. Definitely a step in the right direction.
Not to mention the sheath of light change, "increases healing of word of glory and flash of light by 30%" to now 100% for FoL on top of 50% buff
Divine shield? Delays death for eight seconds.

Lay on hands? A second chance to die.

All we need is a serious look and fix to our self-healing. Increase WoG crit rate, give a self-buff to selfless healer.

It is just me or anyone else feels ironic how Divine Shield got shinier to be dispelled easier - even though the number of classes that could dispel got higher anyway, when Repetance still has a stun animation, just to make people attack the target and break its effect?

Lay on Hands also gets DRs by Battle Fatigue, MS effects and so on. The other day I saw a pic of someone healing 72k with it. A "second chance to die" its all I ask for, specially in RGBs. xD

I had an idea to Selfless Healer, it would put an absorption shield on you for the amount healed on a friendly target / by the sum of your and your target' health ratios (i.e. health percentage by the time you healed him divided by 100), to a minimum of 0.4-0.6. So you would always got a shield better than the heal itself (if was casted on yourself) IF you didnt overhealed the target, and it would get even better if you used on target with low health, and even more if you are low health as well. But it can be OP and I'm not sure if it could work, mechanically speaking.

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