Mistweaver/Disc LF Raiding Guild

Howdy Folks,
I'm looking for a raiding guild that i can enjoy the content on. LFR isn't enough for me.

Have been raiding since Kara on Undomiel. She has been my main throughout BC, Wrath and Cata. Come start of MoP decided i wanted to change it up a little, still be a healer but experience the monk.

I enjoy the Mistweaver (Spunkmonk) but the priest is where my heart is at.

So i am looking to find a raiding guild that works around my work.

I can raid:
Wed/Thurs/Fri 6:30pm to 11:30pm
Sat Anytime
Sun until lunch

Most guilds on Amanthul raid either Sun or Mon or both. Its hard to get into a semi-hardcore guild when you can't make 1 or 2 nights of the raid, and still get to see the content. I understand, but hey maybe there is a guild or 2 on here that does raid slightly different times to enjoy else.

Contact my in-game via mail or /w on either Undomìel or Spunkmonk

Thanks for reading

Not sure if you wanted to go Horde or not, but I know Rise of Dragons is looking for a new healer for their main raid team. Raiding times 7pm to 11pm server time Wednesday & Thursday.

If you wanted to create a level 1 toon on Horde side here and get in contact with the Raid Leader to talk more I'd suggest that - contact Remetree and he'll certainly tell you more about the team and where they are at raiding wise.
Hi mate if your not wanting to go Horde and would like to raid we are a casual raid group about 5/10 have been raiding together since MC days so we are very exp in raiding we arnt hard core we raid 2 nights a week weds/thurs 8-10:30pm wednesday will be getting changed. if interseted Look up the guild called ten and ask for gryffen/shum and we can talk cheers mate. :)
Found a guild..
Thanks very much for reading and taking the time to respond


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