<Remnant> 16/16 normal, 7/16 HM Recruiting

We are currently looking for 2 DPS & possibly a healer to fill our 10 man roster. All classes are welcome to app. We are ideally looking at people with raid experience, 480+ ilvl would be an asset. Mages, Shaman, Hunters preferred!

Raid Times
We raid Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. 6:30 pm - 9:30pm PST.

About Us
Our core group has raided together since WotLK. We are mostly former semi focused raiders who still play hard, but with a casual friendly schedule.

We are looking to pick up a few strong players to fill our roster and provide us the flexibility so that people can take nights off and the other 9 players aren't left trying to find a replacement. This doesn't mean you would be a bench warmer, we are able to change people based on loot needs for each boss.

Who to Contact
Surrealae, Orihime or Bode. Feel free to /who Remnant and ask for us in case we are on alts.
We are primarily looking for Mages, Shaman (Elemental or Resto), DK or Hunters.
We are Canadian Friendly, well some of us are... :(
Heroic Elegon down
Even though Canadians consume milk from bags, you tolerate them?
What's 40 yard range in metric, eh?
If i answer correctly will you pay me in maple syrup ?
......37 meters......
Syrup will flow freely.

We are still looking for Mages, Hunters, Elemental or Resto Shamans. Though all classes are welcome to contact us.
Heroic Windlord down 5/16 HM.

Still recruiting!
would you consider a 14/16 exp 490 ilvl fury warrior
01/23/2013 11:55 PMPosted by Daruga
would you consider a 14/16 exp 490 ilvl fury warrior

No sorry. Primarily focusing on range.. and more range at this point.

Thanks for the bump and good luck!
Heroic Spirit Kings Down.

Bump Bump.

We are definitely looking for range dps. Please feel free to contact any member in game, or reply in this thread!
Heroic Blade Lord down.

5/6 HM MV. 2/6 HM HoF.

Mages, Hunters, in demand. Though any range with experience and gear is always welcome to contact us.
^^ Range is very in-demand!

Sorry melee peeps!

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