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Wyrmrest Accord
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December 25 for me.
I Suppose I shall throw mine and my hubby's in the pile too!

Jadesigh(H)/Amberlight (A) - April 10
Dahni(H)/Ectar (A) - June 10th

Yay for birthdays on the same day!

To try and keep things clean and easy to follow on the list, please pick one character for you and your husband. If you change mains later on, the list can be updated to reflect that change. Thanks!

01/17/2013 10:19 PMPosted by Belidea
December 25 for me.

Guess I have to represent!

October 18th [A]
Birthday bump!
September 21st, best day for a birthday. :D
Loyde-Wyrmrest Accord: April 6th.
Some random, excellent priesty sent me birthday presents the other day and I accidentally deleted the message without being able to respond. I think their name was Dalila or something similar. I have no idea who they are but I'm going to blame this thread for their kindness.

So thank you to everyone paying attention here and being wonderful, and thank you anonymous gift friend for brightening my day! Happy birthdays to everyone.
<-- March 16th
[A] May 11th.

Requested for sticky.
In that case pick our Alliance alts :)
<~~~ February 22nd!
Updated with all the new additions and, thanks to Forbidra's thread, Wyrmrest Accord's birthday!

Happy belated birthday, Wyrmrest Accord.
I guess this can't hurt, it's a nice idea.

February 11th
July 20th; But I'm on both Horde and Alliance
Tibias is mah worgle Druid
July 20th; But I'm on both Horde and Alliance
Tibias is mah worgle Druid

I've updated the list with Ravij named. If you decide you want it switched to Tibias, let me know.
<-- Nov 19th
Feb 3rd :3 <3
Feb 12th for me
*glances at Xoshi* Didn't I see you at the Oilgrime Cartel caravan thing two days ago...?
((Jannit, I just wanted to thank you for keeping this up :D ))
April 19th.

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