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The quiet scratches of the metal tip of the quill meeting the paper was comforting. It chased away the silence that was seeking to engulf the room at any moment. More letters to be written, more attention required-- always a constant struggle just to keep up. Today wasn’t the day to get caught up though. That much was clear when a group of fresh daisies were sat gently onto the desk, covering up the letter. The yellow pollen dust from the center of the flowers spread all over the letter, coloring the black ink with a slight golden sparkle. Hellissa sat the quill down, unsure whether to be irritated or pleased with the surprise that ruined the letter underneath.

“Got those for you, Helli.” Tavaril grinned, watching his wife’s expression carefully. She needed to get out and -do- something for a while. “First daisies of the spring. I picked them myself.” He leans over the desk and gives her nose a kiss.

“Spring. It’s spring? It was winter last time I looked.” The flowers already began to look pitiful from the dim light and the lack of water. Hellissa scooped them up to carry them to a vase. “You ruined my letter, you know.” She made a half irritated expression that Tavaril did his best to smile away. That irritatingly happy man! Her bare feet tapped against the cold stone floor, leaving little heat footprints until they cooled and faded away as she moved down the hall.

“Miles is here to see you. Says he’s got something to tell you.” He prods her ribs until she wiggled away fighting the urge to smile. That grumpy expression tended to kepe mundane problems at bay, after all! The Lady gave the room an inspecting glance before deciding it was a decent time to leave. The long golden gown brushed against the floor as she made her way to the great room. Again, it had been restored back to a lovely sitting room as her council room had it’s own place now. And that place was far away from the family life, far away from the children.

“You know, I think Adler would be envious of this couch.” Miles hadn’t really been inside the manor before. He sat on the cream colored couch with the wooden carved design, his fingers running along the design admiring the work. The Lady snickered quietly, thinking the taunting of the Doctor’s love of comfy couches to be funny.

“What did you come all the way out here for, Miles? Surely not to just see my good taste in furniture.” She settled down across from him, in her own rather comfortable chair with it’s high back.

“Of course not, Duchess.” While he was still getting used to addressing her by a proper title, he never let that slip. Respect was everything in this game, after all. “My reports seemed important enough. The Forsaken seem to be quiet. I couldn’t find anything of Ravenwing, so perhaps your thought of them going off to Pandaria was correct.”
“Forsaken do like to go defile any land they can. Especially such an easy target. That’s still good news. I wouldn’t want to leave our post if there was an attack coming in. The illusions are set in place to guard while we are gone. This trip is rather important. We need the lumber, if we are going to keep trying to rebuild.” Hellissa shifted in the chair, tapping her fingers on the armrest in thought.

“I’ve got plenty of paper for scouting out maps this time. Not going to go with Thatch’s plan of just winging it without paper. We were lucky there was a camp nearby, or last time you’d have gotten a map from memory.” He grins as he recalled his last adventure with Thatcher.

“Oh that’d have been awful. I’m glad you gave me the one you drew with -dirt- instead.” She rolls her eyes. “You better do it right this time, or I’m not feeding you. You’ll have to eat whatever you cook. Everyone knows there’s nothing more delicious than food made by me personally. Resources for nice ingredients makes all the difference.”

“Helli, I can’t find your illusion notes. I really want to learn that spell you set up.” The archmage peeked his head out from the library. If he hadn’t been such an old man already, he might of pouted about it all, having that deep desire to learn spells right -now!- Especially when they were interesting.

“That’s probably because Fuerel has them, Gehl. He’s always got the best books. They only come back to the library when Chaori brings them back, or he’d live in a fort of books. I’ll get them for you in a while.” Her eyes shift to focus on Gehlnarine who didn’t seem all that patient. It -was- a better spell.

“Do you have more blank books for when we get to Dalaran? Surely we’ll have at least a few days before we know the Lady Jaina’s decision.” For an old man, he was certainly excited about the trip up north.

“Mhm, should check with Blake. She’s the librarian, after all.” Before Hellissa finished the statement, Gehlnarine was off again, searching her library for other things. If there was one thing that interested a mage, it was another mage’s library. “So! Northrend! Bring warm clothing, Miles. You’ll need it. You can see your breath no matter where you are. At least, where we are going! Lumber, titan relics and Dalaran oh my!”

“For an Arathorian Coalition, Northrend is awfully far away.” Miles pulled himself up from the nice couch, brushing himself off as if he had sat long enough to dust.

“Well, that’s our job. Helping the rest of the Alliance too. We can’t be selfish you know. There’s a whole rest of the world to assist! Then maybe they’ll focus on helping us too! That’s the general plan.”
The REAL guild post, for those of you that want to get right to the point.

Arathorian Coalition -was- a guild of war support. We sat to the sides, fueling the war effort with supplies and skilled workers. But as of now, the Coalition is searching for soldiers to form their own army against the Horde, and more importantly, the Forsaken Defilers.

While we are starting from scratch, we are looking for people who would like to take a bite out of the Horde and make a name for themselves. We need you to be elite awesome badasses who want to tear through a Horde army and cackle as they cower in defeat, and other awesome attention grabbing words. We also want relaxed people who don't get mad when someone dumps your cereal all over the floor. There's always more cereal.

Guild Information: Arathorian Coalition, Guild Level 25
Led by Duchess Hellissa Brisby!

What do you get for joining? Some of the most awesome immersive Arathorian roleplay out there. You are going to dive into a living world that has been shaped by our own thoughts of what the Arathi Highlands are, and throw your own thoughts into the fray. (It's a big place, there's room for all the lore you can throw at it.) You are going to get to wear red. Everyone loves red, it's a powerful color.

No, we won't be marching in lines and having drills. When we want to practice PvP, we'll be doing it in battleground form. We aren't going to tell you to spar with your shield sibling or anything like that. You also get all the Highland mead you can possibly drink.

If this sounds awesome? (And I know it does!) Contact Hellissa. Or Miles!

All the serious information:
I'd consider us to be a serious with humor guild. Don't expect to be a thousand percent serious face all the time when you are writing, but don't come in acting like your hair is on fire either. If you can't smile when something silly is happening, this is not the place for you. Guild chat is mature, we don't use degrading words, but we do gossip. A lot.

We like to travel in character. We don't typically fly from point a to point b when we can WALK! We like to roleplay in our camps. We don't all go home at the end of the night. If that's the type of thing you are looking for, well we've got that.

If you like story-growth, character development, and a chance to steal Vesran's heart*! We've got that too. We tend to be a large(ish) collection of different personalities, so come in, be you, and make it work with everyone else. We are willing to get your character in shape if your character needs some growth, as long as you are willing to be open about communication and work with us.

Communication is key!

See you soon.
Reserved for future use.
This is the best Arathorian guild on Moon Guard!
Posted around cities of the Grand Alliance:

The Arathorian Coalition is recruiting soldiers for the war up north! The Forsaken continue to flood the lands with their toxic plague and cowardly combat! This could very well be the last chance the northern kingdoms has at claiming victory, or being cut off and destroyed as a toxic wasteland. All those willing to join, seek the Duchess Brisby, or Lord Alaric Ravenshadow.

Recruitment Information: Enlisted soldiers receive a sign on bonus to upgrade and ready their armor for combat. An Oath of loyalty is taken and in return, a tabard of the House is given.

Upon promotion, bonuses and a chance at land ownership in the Highlands becomes available.

Enlist today!
01/14/2013 06:09 PMPosted by Throstan
This is the best Arathorian guild on Moon Guard!
By far.
Everyone should join Hellissa's guild.
One day I'll draw Helli.
my favorite arathis
Bump of support!
You guys are all so sweet.

Don't like red? Become a Silver Raven, the personal guard of the Duchess. They get a unique set of armor, and doesn't afraid of anything.

Not sure if intentional or not, but I thought I'd point that out. I'm a helpful Dwarf.
Completely intentional. But thank you. It's a thing, I SWEAR IT.
01/15/2013 06:14 PMPosted by Filï
Not sure if intentional or not, but I thought I'd point that out. I'm a helpful Dwarf.
01/15/2013 06:32 PMPosted by Hranu
Not sure if intentional or not, but I thought I'd point that out. I'm a helpful Dwarf.

I understand now. Thank you, beardless one.
Now with 100% more Miles. He'll bring the ladies to the table.
Recruitment drive soon, prepare the yell spam! Actually, maybe I'll just walk around with one of those cool pets with the banners. Why can't they last forever, and just stop being a vendor after five minutes? That would be awesome.
Bump of support :).

The allies of the Golden Hawk shall never falter, shall never fall!

For the Raven flies with with the Hawk!

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